You! – Chirag Patel 2019 Sep 13

You! – Chirag Patel 2019 Sep 13

Sun beaming over
Your lightening smile
Skyscrapers standing still
Caving us from surroundings.
Car honking hastily
Trying to crush passersby.
Which stirred
Your curves a little;
And I saw you
With different eyes!

Reflecting this,
While sitting in sturdy chair,
I realized.
You are special
You are the only one
In my life with whom
I am sitting in crowd
Like this where
You and me are alone
Trying to know each other.
A little hesitant me
Like a rustic boy
Who never knew the world
Outside forest;
And to-date who does not
Understand worldly life;
The one who has
All worldly feelings
For you, but!

Just realized,

Years passed by
And realized today!

While sitting at the place
Seeing you and me,
In those he and she,
Sitting exactly like
And a car honked
Causing stir again
In that she!

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One thought on “You! – Chirag Patel 2019 Sep 13

  1. Suresh Jani says:

    Excellent chat with self! I like the style, a variant from my ‘observations’
    I could not follow what you want to convey in the last line.

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