vUrja Internet of Power Switch


Urja is a sanskrut word meaning "Energy". vUrja is a cloud based product which helps to control and to conserve energy. You only need internet connectivity, a PC or a smart phone and vUrja to save money, to save energy. Our web application and Smart Phone Application helps user to manually change states (ON/OFF/Reboot), to schedule states(ON/OFF/Reboot) of any *electronic & *electrical appliances from any corner of the world. Not only that, you can configure vUrja to check internet connectivity so that it reboots one/more selected appliances in absence on internet.

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vUrja automatically connects to our cloud server and allows you to control power to appliances. You do not need any complex setup and configuration.

There are numerous usage applications for vUrja.

    Typical Uses :
  • Home users who wants to power ON/OFF/Reboot their appliances from any corner of the world and at any given time.
  • IT Professionals who need to automatically or remotely reset/power control devices.
  • Industrial appliances which are required to be ON/OFF/Reboot at regular interval everyday.
  • Shops which need to save energy during closing periods.
  • Users who want to conserve energy with smart use of their appliances.
  • Anyone who wants to reset appliances if internet connection is lost.
  • Create an automatic power schedule (ex: turn on at 9am & turn off at 5pm from Monday thru' Friday).
  • Set trigger action for specific temperature and/or humidity level.

Technical Specifications


Type Power Control and automation
Installation Plug and Play
Model V-901
LED Indicators Unit Power ON, Relay Power ON
Supported browser Internet Explorer 8.0 and up, Firefox 7.0 and up, Google Chrome 31.0 and up
Supported Smartphone Android 4.0 and up, iOS 7.0 and up
State Change Delay 500ms for every relay state change to ON
Relay State Change Response 0s to 30s (Bad network can have more adverse effect.)
Certification CE and FCC compliant parts used

Operating Condition

Temperature -5 degree C to 60 degree C
Use Indoor
Humidity 10% - 80% non-condensing


Maximum Load 24600 Watt India, 8400 Watt USA
Maximum Load per Relay 4100 Watt India, 1400 Watt USA
Power Rating 9 Watt operational, 2 Watt standby
Mains Supply 230V 20A 50Hz India, 110V 15A 60Hz USA
Total Connectors Maximum Six Power Relays, Optional Temperature, Optional Humidity
Power Connectivity From 3m to 30m for every Relay
Relay Ratings 230V 15A India, 110V 5A USA
Temperature Sensor 0C to 55C
Humidity Sensor 0% relative to 100% relative


Connector 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 CAT5 cable
Internet Data Usage 16MB – 512MB per month
Internet Requirement Remote automation, scheduling and trigger
Internet Check Duration ~5 minute
Encryption Scrambled data packets


Weight 2100 g
Height 114 mm
Width 280 mm
Depth 197 mm

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