New year 2017 is on horizon.

Everyone will enjoy firing crackers on 31st December eve around the globe. But, there is not a single message from an environmentalist yet! Otherwise, they are on full fire 15 days ahead of Diwali!

Santa Clause is a mythical character. But, people trust that story. Whereas shraaddh or kaag vaas (food offered to crows on shraddh days) is superstitious. What is in our puraaNas is mythical and superstitious.

Offering bilva leaves to mahaadeva during shraavaNa damages environment. But, cutting whole christmas trees is fine and no environmentalist is bothered at all!

Bird lovers feel sad for birds being wounded by kite flying on 14th of January. But, their sympathy is blown away in blues when people eat birds and kill birds!

Bathing in Gangaa to eradicate sins is superstitious but throwing coins in river for wishes is acceptable!

Tulasi vivaaha is superstitious but they have faith in christmas tree!

We do not oppose any religion. We want respect for our own religion and samskruti (culture)!

Finally, we pray God, touch feet of elders and share sweets to celebrate our new year whereas foreign cultures celebrate new year with alcohol!

(Translated what’s app message)

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