Shri Ramakrushna Kathamruta

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teaching from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

*Today’s Page: 743-744*

SRI RAMAKRISHNA was sitting with the devotees in Balaram’s drawing room in Calcutta. M. arrived at three o’clock. Girish, Balaram, the younger Naren, Paltu, Dwija, Purna, Mahendra Mukherji, and many other devotees were there. Shortly Trailokya Sannyal, Jaygopal Sen, and other members of the Brahmo Samaj arrived. Many woman devotees were present also, seated behind a screen. Among them was Mohini’s wife, who had almost gone insane on account of her son’s death. *There were a few other afflicted souls like her who used to visit the Master to obtain peace of mind.*

*Sri Ramakrishna was describing to the devotees the various incidents of his sādhanā and the phases of his spiritual realization.*

MASTER: *”During my sādhanā, when I meditated, I would actually see a person sitting near me with a trident in his hand. He would threaten to strike me with the weapon unless I fixed my mind on the Lotus Feet of God, warning me that it would pierce my breast if my mind strayed from God.*

*”The Divine Mother would put me in such a state that sometimes my mind would come down from the Nitya to the Lila, and sometimes go up from the Lila to the Nitya.*

*”Sometimes, when the mind descended to the Lila, I would meditate day and night on Sita and Rama.* At those times I would constantly behold the forms of Sita and Rama. Ramlala1 (A metal image of the Boy Rama given to Sri Ramakrishna during his sadhana period by a Vaishnava saint.) was my constant companion. *Sometimes I would bathe Him and sometimes feed Him.*

*”Again, I used to be absorbed in the ideal of Radha and Krishna and would constantly see their forms. Or again, I would be absorbed in Gauranga. He is the harmonization of two ideals: the Purusha and the Prakriti. At such times I would always see the form of Gauranga.*

*”Then a change came over me. The mind left the plane of the Lila and ascended to the Nitya.* I found no distinction between the sacred tulsi and the ordinary sajina plant. *I no longer enjoyed seeing the forms of God; I said to myself, ‘They come and go.’ I lifted my mind above them. I removed all the pictures of gods and goddesses from my room and began to meditate on the Primal Purusha, the Indivisible Satchidananda, regarding myself as His handmaid

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