Shri Ramakrushna kathamrut

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teachings from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

*Today’s Page: 624*

MASTER: *”O Mother! I don’t want the bliss of divine inebriation. I shall eat siddhi.*

(To the devotees) *”By ‘siddhi’ I mean the attainment of the spiritual goal and not one of the eight occult powers. About the occult powers, Sri Krishna said to Arjuna, ‘Friend, if you find anyone who has acquired even one of the eight powers, then know for certain he will not realize Me.’ For powers surely beget pride, and God cannot be realized if there is the slightest trace of pride.*

“According to a certain school of thought there are four classes of devotees: the pravartaka, the sadhaka, the siddha, and the siddha of the siddha. *He who has just begun religious life is a pravartaka. Such a man puts his denominational marks on his body and forehead, wears a rosary around his neck, and scrupulously follows other outer conventions.* The sadhaka has advanced farther. His desire for outer show has become less. He longs for the realization of God and prays to Him sincerely. He repeats the name of God and calls on Him with a guileless heart. Now, whom should we call the siddha? He who has the absolute conviction that Cod exists and is the sole Doer; he who has seen God. And who is the siddha of the siddha? He who has not merely seen God, but has intimately talked with Him as Father, Son, or Beloved.

*”It is one thing to believe beyond a doubt that fire exists in wood, but it is quite another to get the fire from the wood, cook rice with its help, appease one’s hunger, and so be satisfied.* These are two entirely different things.

*”No one can put a limit to spiritual experience. If you refer to one experience, there is another beyond that, and still another, and so on.*

(In an ecstatic mood, referring to the Brahmos) ‘They are Brahma jnanis. They believe in the formless Deity. That is good.

(To the Brahmo devotees) *”Be firm in one ideal – either in God with form or in the formless God. Then alone will you realize God; otherwise not. With firm and unwavering belief the followers of God with form will realize Him, as will those who speak of Him as formless. You may eat a cake with icing either straight or sidewise; it will taste sweet either way.* (All laugh.)

*”But you must have firm conviction, you must pray to Him whole-heartedly.* Do you know what the God of worldly people is like? It is like children’s saying to one another while at play, ‘I swear by God.’ They have learnt the word from the quarrels of their aunts or grandmothers. Or it is like God to a dandy. The dandy, all spick and span, his lips red from chewing betel-leaf, walks in the garden, cane in hand, and, plucking a flower, exclaims to his friend, ‘Ah! What a beautiful flower God has made!’ *But this feeling of a worldly person is momentary. It lasts as long as a drop of water on a red-hot frying-pan.*

*”You must be firm in one ideal. Dive deep. Otherwise you cannot get the gems at the bottom of the ocean. You cannot pick up the gems if you only float on the surface.”*

_*Om Namah Sri Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya*_

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