Shri Ramakrushna kathamrut

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teachings from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

*Today’s Page: 583*

MASTER (smiling): *”I can recognize a worshipper of the Formless by looking at his face and eyes. Please dive a little deeper. One doesn’t get the gem by floating on the surface. As for myself, I accept all-the formless God and God with form.”*

The Mārwāri devotees from Burrabazar entered the room and saluted the Master. He began to praise them.

MASTER (to the devotees):”Ah! They are real devotees of God. They visit temples, sing hymns to God, and eat prasad. And the gentleman whom they have made their priest this year is learned in the Bhagavata.”

MĀRWĀRI DEVOTEE: “Who is this ‘I’ that says, ‘O Lord, I am Thy servant?’ ”

MASTER: *”This is the lingasarira, or embodied soul. It consists of manas, buddhi, chitta, and Ahamkāra.”*

DEVOTEE: “Who is the embodied soul?”

MASTER: *”It is the Ātman bound by the eight fetters. And what is the chitta? It is the ‘I-consciousness’ that says, ‘Aha!'”*

DEVOTEE: “Revered sir, what happens after death?”

MASTER: “According to the Gitā, one becomes afterwards what one thinks of at the time of death. King Bharata thought of his deer and became a deer in his next life. Therefore one must practise sādhanā in order to realize God. *If a man thinks of God day and night, he will have the same thought in the hour of death.”*

Māyā hides Knowledge
DEVOTEE: “Why don’t we feel dispassion toward worldly objects?”

MASTER: “Because of māyā. *Through māyā one feels the Real to be the unreal and the unreal to be the Real.* The Real means That which is eternal, the Supreme Brahman; and the unreal means that which is non- eternal, that is to say, the world.”

DEVOTEE: “We read the scriptures. Why is it that we can’t assimilate them?”

MASTER: *”What will one accomplish by mere reading? One needs spiritual practice-austerity. Call on God. What is the use of merely repeating the word ‘siddhi’? One must eat a little of it.*

*’The hand bleeds when it touches a thorny plant. Suppose you bring such a plant and repeat, sitting near it: ‘There! The plant is burning.’ Will that burn the plant? This world is like the thorny plant. Light the fire of Knowledge and with it set the plant ablaze. Only then will it be burnt up.*

*”One must labour a little while at the stage of sādhanā. Then the path becomes easy. Steer the boat around the curves of the river and then let it go with the favourable wind.*

*”As long as you live inside the house of māyā, as long as there exists the cloud of māyā, you do not see the effect of the Sun of Knowledge. Come outside the house of māyā, give up ‘woman and gold’, and then the Sun of Knowledge will destroy ignorance.* A lens cannot burn paper inside the house. If you stand outside, then the rays of the sun fall on the lens and the paper burns. Again, *the lens cannot burn the paper if there is a cloud. The paper burns when the cloud disappears.*

_*Om Namah Sri Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya*_

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