Shri Ramakrushna kathamrut

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teachings from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

*Today’s Page: 376-377*
*Chapter 18: M. AT DAKSHINESWAR (II)*

MASTER: *”Everything can be achieved through bhakti alone. Those who want the Knowledge of Brahman will certainly achieve that also by following the trail of bhakti.*

*”Can a man blessed with the grace of God ever lack Knowledge?* At Kamarpukur I have seen grain-dealers measuring paddy. As one heap is measured away another heap is pushed forward to be measured. *The Mother supplies the devotees with the ‘heap’ of Knowledge.*

*”After attaining God, one looks on a pundit as mere straw and dust.* Padmalochan said to me: ‘What does it matter if I accompany you to a meeting at the house of a fisherman?2 (2 A reference to Mathur Babu, who belonged to the fisherman caste. The orthodox brahmin refuses to set foot in the house of a fisherman, who belongs to a low caste.) With you I can dine even at the house of a pariah.’

*”Everything can be realized simply through love of God. If one is able to love God, one does not lack anything.* Kartika and Ganesh (3 The two sons of Bhagavati, the Divine Mother.) were seated near Bhagavati, who had a necklace of gems around Her neck. The Divine Mother said to them, ‘I will present this necklace to him who is the first to go around the universe.’ Thereupon Kartika, without losing a moment, set out on the peacock, his carrier. Ganesa, on the other hand, in a leisurely fashion went around the Divine Mother and prostrated himself before Her. He knew that She contained within Herself the entire universe. The Divine Mother was pleased with him and put the necklace around his neck. After a long while Kartika returned and found his brother seated there with the necklace on.

*”Weeping, I prayed to the Mother: ‘O Mother, reveal to me what is contained in the Vedas and the Vedanta. Reveal to me what is in the Purana and the Tantra.’ One by one She has revealed all these to me.*

*”Yes, She has taught me everything. Oh, how many things she has shown me! One day She showed me Śiva and Śakti everywhere. Everywhere I saw the comunion of Śiva and Śakti. Śiva and Śakti existing in all living things-men, animals, trees, plants. I saw them in the communion of all male and female elements.*

*”Another day I was shown heaps of human heads, mountain high. Nothing else existed, and I was seated alone in their midst.*

*”Still another day She showed me an ocean. Taking the form of a salt doll, I was going to measure its depth. While doing this, through the grace of the guru I was turned to stone. Then I saw a ship and at once got into it. The helmsman was the guru.* I hope you pray every day to Satchidananda, who is the Guru. Do you?”

M: “Yes, sir.”

MASTER: “The guru was the helmsman in that boat. I saw that ‘I’ and ‘you’ were two different things. Again I jumped into the ocean, and was changed into a fish. *I found myself swimming joyfully in the Ocean of Satchidananda.*

*”These are all deep mysteries. What can you understand through reasoning? You will realize everything when God Himself teaches you. Then you will not lack any knowledge.”*

_*Om Namah Sri Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya*_

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