Shri Ramakrushna Kathamrut

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teachings from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Today’s Page: 659-660

“Only those who have developed raga-bhakti for God may be called His sincere devotees. God becomes responsible for them. If you enter your name in a hospital register, the doctor will not discharge you until you are cured. Those who are held by God have nothing to fear. The son who holds to his father, while walking along the narrow ridge of a paddy-field, may slip if he absent-mindedly lets go his father’s hand; but if the father holds the son by the hand, there is no such danger.

“Is there anything that is impossible for faith? And a true devotee has faith in everything: the formless Reality, God with form, Rama, Krishna, and the Divine Mother.

“Once, while, going to Kamarpukur, I was overtaken by a storm. I was in the middle of a big meadow. The place was haunted by robbers. I began to repeat the names of all the deities: Rama, Krishna, and Bhagavati. I also repeated the name of Hanuman. I chanted the names of them all. What does that mean? Let me tell you. While the servant is counting out the money to purchase supplies, he says, These pennies are for potatoes, these for egg-plants, these for fish.’ He counts the money separately, but after the list is completed, he puts the coins together.

“When one develops love of God, one likes to talk only of God. If you love a person, you love to talk and hear about him. A worldly person’s mouth waters while he talks about his son. If someone praises his son, he will at once say to the boy, ‘Go and get some water for your uncle to wash his feet.’

“Those who love pigeons are highly pleased if you praise pigeons before them. But if you speak ill of pigeons, they will at once exclaim, ‘Has anyone in your line for fourteen generations ever raised pigeons?'”

Sri Ramakrishna now addressed Mahimacharan, who was a householder.

MASTER: “What need is there of renouncing the world altogether? It is enough if you can rid yourself of attachment. But you must have sadhana; you have to fight the sense-organs.

“It is a great advantage to fight from inside a fort. You get much help from the fort. The world is the place for enjoyment. After enjoying different things, you should give them up one by one. Once I had a desire to put a gold chain around my waist. I obtained one at last and put it on, but I had to take it off immediately.

“Once I ate some onion.8 (8 The onion is considered a rajasic food and not conducive to spiritual life.) While eating it I discriminated, ‘O mind, this is onion.’ Then I moved it to different places in my mouth and at last spat it out.”

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