Self – Chirag Patel

Self – Chirag Patel 2018 Dec 27

Densely packed clouds

Frighteningly dark night

Black sleeping sky

Soothing moon

Shying away sun

Twinkling stars

Glittering dew drops like asteroids

Beautiful pearls of solar system

Deep silent resting place of comets

Shining whirlwind of milky way

Tons and tons gulping black holes

Tons and tons oozing white holes

Holding lap of gravity extending to eternity

Subtle warmth felt in vast vacuum

Experience of invisible dark matter

Tiny bubble of universe

Existence reflecting in astounding loneliness

Chirping sound of ever-known ever-lasting peace

Every beat of time dancing with ever-present joy

Every particle drenched with lights of source

Flame emanating from ocean of universes

Self being dissolved into nothing

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