Sadhguru’s grace on me – Chirag Patel

Sadhguru’s grace on me – Chirag Patel 2020 March 07 Saptarshi 8695 Falgun Trayodashi Shukla

This is what I wrote on 2008 November 02 on my Gujarati language blog.

In late 2005, I had a dream of young sannyasi. He was wearing saffron robe. He had tripundra tilak of ash on forehead. He wore rudraksha mala on arms and wrists. He had light beard. His face was very bright. He looked like a nath yogi. He had very dark mid size hair. He was descending from a hill. There was strangeness in his posture! He had his head slightly bent backward. (I did not know this posture before ever in my life.)

All of a sudden this sannyasi vanished. And, I saw an old sannyasi sitting on a golden throne with lion legs and arm rests. He had long light gray beard. He looked at me and laughed vigorously. Then, he winked his left eye.

Now, fast forward to early 2013. My brother sent me a video of Sadhguru on whats app. I heard Sadhguru’s name from a colleague before, but never grew interest in checking who he was and what he did. When I looked at the video, I right away identified Sadhguru with old laughing sannyasi I had in my dream of 2005! So, I started reading/watching him occasionally.

I did inner engineering course in April/May 2015 when I was in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a 45 day process and I was into 16th day. It was Monday May 11th. After doing morning puja/breakfast etc, I sat in my car and started going to hospital for some test. All of a sudden, I felt as if I was intoxicated and very calm. The world around me changed! The roads, traffic lights, shops/places along the roads, car, people walking/driving, air, clouds, sun, trees, soil everything started coming out of me! I was the creator of all those and they started flowing from me. I felt that whole world exists only for me and from me! This experience lasted for two days. I kept doing all worldly activities as usual, but the experience lasted every moment of those two days!

Since then, whenever I see sun, moon, stars, trees; I feel great love towards those objects. I feel them alive and I feel to caress them!

In late 2016, I received email about maha shivaratri celebration at Isha, Coimbatore in 2017 and it contained photo of 112 foot murti of Adiyogi. When I saw that image, I was literally stunned. Except the light beard, Adiyogi resembled sannyasi I saw in my dream of 2005! Right away, I decided to attend the maha shivaratri event.


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One thought on “Sadhguru’s grace on me – Chirag Patel

  1. SURESH B JANI says:

    Wonderful experience. It may be a coincidence or a day dream OR a unique dip in the inner world of consciousness. It may spring up like a spark, and never come again. But it unequivocally gives a message that …
    There are worlds we do not know.
    Mataji of Arvind Ashram had such a vision of a man’s face when she was young in her dreams. And that face would appear in her dreams often. She had an oooprtunity to visit Pondicherry with her huband and she saw Shri Arvind Ghosh for the first time. and She recognized him as that dream person.
    She went back to France , but came again to Pondicherry – never to retuen to France !

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