Towards the close of his life Swamiji was in poor health. When he was living at the Math, the Holy Mother one day came to see him in the company of Yogin-Ma and the members of Balaram Bose’s family. Swamiji talked with the Mother on the first floor of the monastery and then went downstairs to see her off. The hired boat, in the meantime, got struck in the mud for the tide was on the ebb. The Mother as well as the other members of her party boarded while Swamiji, wearing only a vest and with his dhoti tucked up tightly, along with a few other Swamis and Brahmacharins pushed the boat into the water. (Swami Nirlepananda: Sancayan (Bengali) (Calcutta: Swamijir Smrti Karuna Prakasani, B.S, 1374). Pp. 143-44) This was the last time Swamiji saw the Holy Mother.

Swamiji breathed his last on 4 July 1902 at the age of thirty-nine years, five months, and twenty-four days. Gloom and a sense of desolation fell upon the monastery. The members of the Order were struck dumb at the thought of their irreparable loss. We do not know for certain what was the reaction of the Holy Mother who was then living at Jayrambati. But it can be conjectured that she wept bitterly, as she did at the death of Swamis Yogananda and Premananda. It took quite some days for the Mother to get over the shock. In her letter dated 31 August 1902, addressed to Swami Vimalananda, a disciple of Swamiji, the Mother wrote, ‘How can I express the bitter sorrow I am experiencing at the bereavement of Sri Sri Swamiji Maharaj!’ There is also on record another letter dated 17 September 1902, written to Swami Ramakrishnananda, wherein she consoled him saying, ‘Please do not worry for Swamiji anymore.’

The sun’s rays fall equally on the peasant’s cottage and on the prince’s palace. But a black surface absorbs more heat than any other surface, while a smooth-surfaced mirror reflects the light more brilliantly than any other surface. Likewise, though the Mother’s love and power fell equally on all, sinners and saints alike, Swami Vivekananda absorbed most and radiated best the Holy Mother’s love and power. She was indeed his only mother on earth and through eternity.

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA AND HIS ‘ONLY MOTHER’ – Swami Prabhananda. Prabuddha Bharata (January 1984, p. 19-20)

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