Maa and her command

Swami Shantananda, an attendant of Holy Mother, narrated how, long after her passing away, he received a command from Holy Mother that reassured him of her living presence. He said that during her lifetime the Mother had once told him how to receive her command:

If there is any crisis in your life, remember me. Isolate yourself from others for a few days and practise japa and meditation intensely. Pray whole heartedly and ask me, “Mother, what shall I do?” During that period, eat less and keep your body and mind pure. Try to maintain silence and speak only if it is absolutely necessary. Don’t let other people know what you are doing. Continue your prayer and sadhana in this way with a one-pointed mind. Never lose patience. If you see that you are not receiving my command, still you should not give up hope. If you find that no response is coming, then know for certain that your mind has not risen high enough to receive my command. You will definitely receive my command if you call on me with wholehearted faith and devotion.

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