Jin Shin Jyutsu

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SEL 4: Dizziness, eyes, head.

SEL 12: Hip, head, neck.

SEL 11: Breathing, neck, arm.

SEL 3: Breathing, immune system, shoulder pain.

SEL 10: Breathing, heart, shoulder.

SEL 26: Arm numbing, breathing, fatigue.

SEL 9: Breathing, feet, opposite hip.

SEL 23: Adrenals, digestion, fatigue.

SEL 2: Back, breathing, elimination.

SEL 17: Ankle (opp), nerves, wrist.

SEL 25: Abdomen, back, digestion.

SEL 8: Back, hips, muscles.

SEL 7: Breathing, head, digestion.

SEL 16: Blood circulation, head, paralysis.

SEL 24: Ankles, feet, emotion chaos.

6 25 2016 woman front send %281%29

SEL 20: Chest, eyes, head.

SEL 21: Digestion, facial muscles, sinus.

SEL 22: Breathing, digestion, throat.

SEL 13: Breathing, heart, reproductive.

SEL 14: Breathing, brain, digestion.

SEL 19: Arm, breathing, digestion.

SEL 18: Breathing, head, sleep.

SEL 15: Blood circulation, heart, legs.

SEL 1: Abdomen, breathing, digestion.

SEL 5: Breathing, digestion, reproductive organs.

SEL 6: Back, breathing, feet.

(courtesy: https://www.jinshininstitute.com/jin-shin-jyutsu/self-help )

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