Hindu Tolerance – Chirag Patel

Hindu Tolerance – Chirag Patel 2019 Nov 17 Saptarshi 8696 kartik krushna shashthi

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Hindu is a term derived from geography. People living in the region of river Sindhu are called Hindu. Persians could not pronounce “S” and thus the word “hindu” was coined in Arabic world which became famous in Europe. Religious practice of Hindus was labelled as hinduism by westerners in 18th century. Hinduism is one of the most significant religions in today’s world. It is the most ancient religion in its purest form in practice at least for last 6000 years!

People living in ancient Bharat (India) used to follow Vedas and Vedic systems. They were the followers of “dharma”. “dharma” can loosely be translated as one’s nature or manner. That means, whatever truth one wanted to follow, whatever way one wanted to walk, whatever practice one wanted to do, were all considered “dharma” and every human being was considered “dharmik” – follower of “dharma”. All the paths were considered right leading to eternal truth which was very personal and very contextual at the same time! There was a very simple belief that everything is part of brahman, the creation. How could then some acts be impure or untruth!

This vedic notion is more or less practiced even in modern days. There are thousands of sects and yet they are well connected as pearls in a thread of a necklace! The thread connecting all these sects is veda and vedic traditions. In ancient times, there were people who did not believe in vedas and negated existence of God. Even those people were considered following their “dharma” and were accepted the same as followers of vedas.

That is why a true “hindu” accepts all different religions and sects. This is in hindu’s psyche, in her/his blood! This is how s/he is raised! That is the very reason why hindus in medieval times accepted invaders of different faiths. Many hindus even started following foreign religions as they thought of them being one of the paths leading them to eternal truth/brahman. That is why it is said that you can born as hindu, you cannot become hindu!

So, being a hindu makes one the most tolerant and humble being. Sadly, many hindus in modern times are influenced by foreign ideas and they have become ignorant of the core principles of vedic “dharma”!

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