Glimpses of Holy Mother

Chapter 33 – Further Glimpses of Holy Mother – Three Types of Teachings

Three Types of Teachings

Holy Mother’s teachings are both concise and precise. She did not use many parables, stories, or scriptural quotations, but referred to her own experiences. She often quoted sayings of Ramakrishna. Manada Shankar Dasgupta, a disciple and biographer of Holy Mother, classified the Mother’s teachings into three groups: First, short and clear; second, the gospel

of hope and fearlessness; third, simple and classic. Here are some examples from each group of teachings:

1. Short and clear

Questioner: “Mother, how shall I meditate?”

Mother: “Just think of the Master.”

Questioner: “How shall I practise spiritual disciplines?

Mother:” My son, at the end, the mind becomes the guru. Sadhana means to keep the mind on God and to be absorbed in Him. Repeat His name.”

Questioner: “Is it of any use merely to repeat His name without intense devotion?”

Mother: “Whether you jump into the water or are pushed into it, your Cloth will get drenched. Meditate every day. Constant meditation will make the mind one-pointed.”

Questioner: “What is the goal of human life?”

Mother: “The goal of human life is to realize God and to be absorbed in Him.”

Questioner: “The Master used to say: ’I have made the mould; now You may cast the image.’ What does this mean?”

Mother: “To ‘cast the image’ means to meditate on the Master, to think of the various incidents of his life.”

2. The gospel of hope and fearlessness

Questioner: “Mother, I cannot concentrate my mind in meditation at all.”

Mother: “It does not matter much. Look at the picture of the Master and that will be enough. One should cultivate constant recollectedness.”

Questioner: “I cannot calm my mind and concentrate.”

Mother: “The mind will be steadied of itself if aspirants repeat God’s name 15,000 or 20,000 times a day. I myself have experienced it.”

Questioner: “My mind becomes restless now and then. It craves enjoyment. That frightens me.”

Mother: “Don’t be afraid. I tell you that in this Kali Yuga mental sin is no sin. Free your mind from all worries on this account.”

Questioner: “However I may try to remove evil thoughts, I do not succeed.”

Mother: “This is the result of what you have done in your past life. Can anyone altogether destroy lust? A little of it remains as long as one has a body. But it can be subdued, as a snake can be subdued by charmed dust.”

Holy Mother said to a disciple: “Do not fear, my child. Always remember that the Master is behind you. I am also with you. As long as you remember me, your mother, why should you be frightened? The Master said to me, ‘At the end of their life, I shall certainly liberate those who come to you.'”

3. Simple and classic

Questioner: “Mother, the mind is very restless. In no way can I steady it.”

Mother: “As the wind removes the cloud, so the name of God destroys the cloud of worldliness.”

Questioner: “Mother, I have practised austerities and japa so much, but I have not achieved anything.”

Mother: “God is not like fish or vegetables that you can buy for a price.”

Questioner: “How can one realize God – through worship, japa, or meditation?”

Mother: “God is realized only through His grace. Nonetheless, one must perform japa and meditation, for they remove the impurities of one’s mind. As one gets the fragrance of a flower by handling it, or the scent of sandalwood by rubbing it against a stone, similarly, one becomes spiritually awakened by continuously contemplating the Divine. But you can become illumined right now if you become desireless.”

To a restless disciple who wanted to return the mantra, Holy Mother said: “Look here, my Child, the sun dwells high in the sky, and water remains on the earth. Does the water have to shout at the sun and ask: ‘O Sun, please take me up?’ It is the very nature of the sun to take up the water in the form of vapour. Let me assure you that you will not have to practise any discipline.”

Questioner: “Does the Master really live in the picture?”

Mother: “Of course he does. The body and the shadow are the same. And what is the picture but a shadow? If you pray to him constantly before his picture, then he manifests himself through that picture.”

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