If you have this, good luck.

For swollen testicle, you might try this:

Take turmeric powder and add salt to it. Make paste. Apply this paste liberally to swollen testicle. Turmeric has permanent coloration on clothes. So, wear appropriate underwear or use some bandage. Keep it overnight and let this paste go away with bath.

Do this for 3-4 nights to see improvements.

Also, take shower twice a day with warm water applied to testicles for at least 5 minutes.



Please, understand that this is a collection of various writings and books for vedic spiritual path. Do not hold me responsible for anything happening to you as I could not experiment with all the mantras in my life so far.

This article compiles a good opportunity to learn about mystery behind mantra. In ancient Vedic science, rushis used to chant some letters pronounced a peculiar way. These letters when pronounced as specified, generate amazing effects on the body and on the surroundings. There are many books and research studies available on the subject. There are more and more people doing research in this area in modern times to find out exact cause and effect arising from chants.

There are many purposes that you might want to pick a mantra and start chanting. You should chant the mantra for some number of times, say 125000 times or 108 times a day. The purpose can be to grow spiritually, to gain some spiritual powers, to ail some disease or pain, to purify mind and body. There are different mantras for different purposes.

Every letter you pronounce produces vibrations. Which letter and how you pronounce it, decides how it affects your body and mind. Imagine that you are dropping a pebble in calm water, and immediately it energizes with ripples. The ripples swim outward from the center of pebble impact to water. These ripples have greater amplitude near the center and diminishing amplitude further from the center. Now, look at this scenario. After dropping one pebble, you do not stop. You keep throwing pebbles at the same location in the water continuously. What happens here? A big mass of water gets energized and you will see ripples reaching far and
far away locations from the center. Chanting mantra continuously and regularly, causes similar impact.

All these mantras are chanted millions/billions times by many people at different times and at different places. When you chant a mantra, it carries the power and weight gathered for years by people; and you are adding to momentum. You must pronounce it clearly as much as you can. If you feel tired, just murmur it in your mind. Chanted mantras cleans speech and improve tonal quality, affect on your brain positively.

So, there are some basic things to remember to gain maximum benefits out of chanting mantras.
1. Be as regular as possible. Say, chant 108 times every day at 7am after taking bath. There is a special kind rosary available with 108 beads (basils or rudrAksha).
2. Sit in a quiet room with proper ventilation. You can choose padmAsana, sidhdhAsana, sukhAsana etc to sit.
3. Concentrate and calm down.
4. Try to study your pronunciations while chanting.

Some useful mantras:

1. Pranava [Listen]
[The supreme energy]

This universe is created with the sound of aum. This is the basis of all frequencies/radiations/verbal expressions we know of.

2. Tat [Listen]
aum tat sat
[The eternal truth is aum.]

3. Savitri (Gayatri) Mantra [Listen]
aum bhur bhuvah svaha, aum tatsaviturvarenyam, bhargo de vasya dhi mahi, dhi yo yonah prachodayAt aum
[GOd who radiates over Earth, Sky and Nether; who is the brightest and origin of all; who is rightly respected; transform our intellectuals.]

This is very good for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and intelligence. Students can benefit more from this.

* This mantra (Savitri) is said to be the starting point for spiritual journey.

4. Shiva Mantra [Listen]
aum namah shivAya
[Bow to element that gives peace and betterment]

People who cannot concentrate or who have unnecessary thoughts in mind all the time can benefit more from this.

5. Ganesha Mantra [Listen]
aum gam ganapataye namah
[Bow to element that is head of all souls]

This is very good for people to get balance of knowledge and money in life.

6. MahaMrutyunjaya Mantra [Listen]
aum tryambakam yajAmahe,
sugandhim pushti vardhanam,
urvArukamiva bandhanAt,
mrutyur mukshiya mAamrutAt

7. Bija Mantra [Listen]
aum – pranava, supreme energy (God)
aim – energy that gave birth to the universe
hrim – energy that is responsible for existence of the universe
klim – energy responsible for end of the universe
soum – energy responsible for upliftment of mind
shrim – energy giving power to earn worldy things

For most people, “aum hrim klim shrim” combination is the best. If you want to pursue spiritual upliftment, chant all the letters. (Warning: You have to have a guru in order to do this. Otherwise, it is said that this path is very dangerous and you might loose normal state of mind.)

8. Shakti Mantra [Listen]
aum aim hrim klim chAmundAyai vichchai


Low thyroid treatment

By Dr Mark Hyman:—

How You Can Overcome Hypothyroidism

I encourage you to take the following steps to rebalance your thyroid:

  • Make a thorough inventory of any of the symptoms that I mentioned in the previous hypothyroidism blog to see if you might suffer from hypothyroidism.
  • Get the right thyroid tests including TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO, and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies.
  • Check for celiac disease with a celiac panel.
  • Consider heavy metal toxicity.
  • Check your vitamin D level.

Once you have confirmed that a sluggish thyroid is contributing to your symptoms, the good news is that there are many, many, many things you can do to help correct thyroid problems.

I have developed a seven-step plan to address hypothyroidism:

  1. Treat the Underlying Causes — Identify and treat the underlying causes of hypothyroidism, like food allergies, gluten, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.
  2. Optimize Your Nutrition – Support your thyroid with optimal nutrition, including foods that contain iodine, zinc, omega-3 fats, selenium, and more.
  3. Minimize Stress – Eliminate adrenal exhaustion and minimize stress by engaging in a comprehensive stress management program.
  4. Exercise – Engage in thyroid stimulating exercise, which boosts thyroid function.
  5. Supplement – Use supplements to help enhance thyroid function, including all the nutrients needed for proper thyroid metabolism and function.
  6. Heat Therapy – Use saunas and heat to eliminate stored toxins, which interfere with thyroid function.
  7. Thyroid Hormones – Use thyroid hormone replacement therapy to help support your thyroid gland.

I believe a comprehensive approach is needed to address chronic thyroid issues and to diagnose them. Unfortunately, most of the options for healing by conventional care are quite limited and only provide a partial solution. But by following my seven-step plan you can achieve lifelong vibrant health.

More at: http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/05/20/a-7-step-plan-to-boost-your-low-thyroid-and-metabolis/


detached process on centos

If you want to run an application from ssh even if you exit ssh session, do the following:

# nohup <application with arguments > &

This will put the process in background and will detach from terminal as well.

Also, edit /etc/rc.local and add above line to execute application from startup.

This works fine with CentOS 6.


Simple steps to daily Pranayam – Chirag Patel

Simple steps to daily Pranayam – Chirag Patel May 24, 2011


1) Deep breathing

Inhale from nostrils very slowly till you cannot take any air in, then promptly exhale from nostrils very slowly.
The whole process should take 15 second at least.
Do such 3 cycles.

2) Shallow breathing

Inhale and exhale thru’ stomach in short and medium paced breathes.
Do this for a minute or two.

3) Kapaal Bhaati

Do not inhale or exhale from nostrils. Just push little forcefully on stomach so that air goes out from nostrils.
Keep pushing stomach only.
Do such 180 cycles.

4) Anulom Vilom

Exhale completely thru’ nostrils.
Close right nostril with right thumb. Inhale from left nostril very slowly and fill till no more air can be taken.
Promptly, close left nostril with last two fingers of right hand and exhale everything from right nostril very slowly.
Promptly, inhale from right nostril very slowely till filled up.
Promptly, close right nostril with right thumb and exhale very slowly from left nostril.
Do such 3 cycles.

5) Kumbhak

Inhale from both the nostrils counting 1-2-3-4 or chanting OM four times mentially.
Hold breathe inside counting 16.
Exhale from both nostrils counting 8.
Hold breathe outside counting 4.
Do such 3 cycles.

6) Jalandhar Bandh

Inhale from both nostrils in small steps slowly till air cannot be taken.
Close both nostrils with thumb and fingers and try to touch chin to chest.
Without opening mouth and nostrils, act like swolloing water from mouth. Swollow 7-8 times.

7) Omkar

Inhale from both nostrils very slowly.
Chanting OOOOOMMMMM with sound exhale assuming attention from tail to head in your spine.


Journey to the center of “I” – Chirag Patel

Journey to the center of “I” – Chirag Patel December 28, 2011

At unknown time, started my journey wearing solitude
With some thoughts sprung from some corner of heart.

This soil, this river, this hill, this vegetation, this sky,
This breeze; kept asking me.
I am not within and I am not outside in this world.
Who else was echoing here then? How long? Why?

This sun, this moon, this galaxy, these nebulae,
These constellations; kept looking at me puzzled.
Nobody is mine and I am for nobody.
Why did I rise in this world unnecessarily then?

These books, this outstretching of words, this penance,
This meditation; kept shaking my sleep.
There is no end and there is no beginning.
Why did I start journey towards inner self then?

All of a sudden, you came to this vacuum one day.
Sweetheart, dazzling light filled all directions and I disappeared.
Only you were seen, love bound, devotional, adorable;
And God materialized in your shadow.

I found my world, I knew everything then.
I exist if you do and you exist if I do for sure.
If we exist, this world does and so does God.
And hence, this play with myriad hues exists.
That is what controls everything and puppets are we.
Sometimes, we pull the strings;
And sometimes, we let them loose.

Now, I know duality, non-duality and special duality.

Your love, your devotion, your faith, your company,
For me; how would I be incomplete then?



Animal Management Gurus

Great Management Guru

Message …..
Earn First. Consume Later..
Invest First. Spend Later.
Simplicity is the most precious asset that one should own.
When any irritation gets into oyster it uses the same irritations to create a Pearl.
Message from Oyster……
“Create a pearl every time you face adversities”
Eagle has a life of 60 years.
However after 30 years ,
it cannot fly and catch food .
So it breaks its own beak and wings .
New beak and wings grow in a few months.
The eagle can then fly and catch food .
The eagle sacrifices for a better  tomorrow!

Message from Eagle ….Upgrade your knowledge, skills and abilities continuously.

Trees  teach  us Patience, Growth and Selfless Service.
Trees  begin  as a small seeds and grow in  stages.
The  higher  it grows; the more it needs to spread its roots deeper.
To grow as an individual, family or an organization we need to spread our roots deeply .
Trees also spread branches.
We should spread in various dimensions like personal, professional, social and spiritual.
Chameleon changes colors, for self-protection and hiding from target food.
We should accommodate others wishes as much as people, environment and situation allows.
Loading …