Open – Chirag Patel July 15, 2014

Open – Chirag Patel July 15, 2014

Hugged by womb of darkness,
With gentle flow of words in melody,
Dumb-found directions witnessing,
Iota of existence started journey
towards non-duality!

Swollen red lips playing tag,
Tip of tits bloomed with beats,
Thirst of impatient body
Exploded like waves of
bees enjoying nectar!

In the midst of boat thumping,
With wand moving to meet navel,
Opened petals of lotus
With juice of life which
Allured whole cosmos in union!

Slowly rising splash of joy,
Listening to floating music of non-dual,
“Lamp” and “Light” hid existence
In the heart of time and
Lost selves!


Journey to the center of “I” – Chirag Patel

Journey to the center of “I” – Chirag Patel December 28, 2011

At unknown time, started my journey wearing solitude
With some thoughts sprung from some corner of heart.

This soil, this river, this hill, this vegetation, this sky,
This breeze; kept asking me.
I am not within and I am not outside in this world.
Who else was echoing here then? How long? Why?

This sun, this moon, this galaxy, these nebulae,
These constellations; kept looking at me puzzled.
Nobody is mine and I am for nobody.
Why did I rise in this world unnecessarily then?

These books, this outstretching of words, this penance,
This meditation; kept shaking my sleep.
There is no end and there is no beginning.
Why did I start journey towards inner self then?

All of a sudden, you came to this vacuum one day.
Sweetheart, dazzling light filled all directions and I disappeared.
Only you were seen, love bound, devotional, adorable;
And God materialized in your shadow.

I found my world, I knew everything then.
I exist if you do and you exist if I do for sure.
If we exist, this world does and so does God.
And hence, this play with myriad hues exists.
That is what controls everything and puppets are we.
Sometimes, we pull the strings;
And sometimes, we let them loose.

Now, I know duality, non-duality and special duality.

Your love, your devotion, your faith, your company,
For me; how would I be incomplete then?



A Cry – Chirag Patel

A Cry – Chirag Patel July 31, 2011


After reading above article, my heart cried and I wrote the following:


My mother

I escaped in search of comfort
Sitting on cozy cushions
Typing on Macbook Pro screen
Watching kids play XBOX 360
Having options to throw gallons of milk
Shivering in high A/C blows
Worrying about depleting balance in crores

Brothers and sisters on death bed
Flesh snatched
Hearts crushed
Obsolete eyes deepened
Angry minds burnt
Helpless bodies shook
Weakened stomach emptied

Where is your soul?
How can I find conscience?
Who will give me strength?
What is my path?
Who am I?
Am I ashamed?
Am I joyful?
Should I worry?

O Mother
Give me light
Help me
I am at your feet



Welcome – Chirag Patel

Welcome – Chirag Patel    February 03, 2011

Adorned with dreams,
Waiting are you at door of my heart.
Chorus of thoughts,
Playing songs of union and love.
In the valley of sweet moments,
Radiating Sun of companionship.
Vines of feelings,
Weaving bed of time.
Sounds of touch,
Repeating stanza of meetings.

In deep ocean of consciousness,
Drowned I am though.
Listening honey tweets of you,
Opening door promptly,
I welcome you dear,
Let us dive now for the last.



Metaphor – Chirag Patel    Oct 20, 2010

Lotus blooming in a pond filled with sandal
Night jasmine growing in a milk pot mixed with blood
Moon radiating over gold mines
Sun setting over silver mountains
White glare rising from fierce flames
Early dawn bathing peak of Kailas
White jasmine dancing amidst saffron field
Swans playing with bouquet of yellow oleanders
Rain drops relaying melody with morning rays
Noon falling down from white clouds

Reddish foot prints glowing on eye lids
Roaring ocean surrounding island in eyes
Rose petals sticking to corals on lips
Lines of pearls emerging from cave of mouth
Snow covered hill scintillating on forehead
Silky rug covering garden of hair
Fresh butter balls hanging as breasts
Valley running from two plateaus thru’ waist
Navel like bumble bee fluttering in honey forest
Vagina like gently opening two mango leaves
Thighs like banana tree in land of sugar canes
Bosoms like soft carved temples of elephant

All these layers covering precious body stone
Soul glittering like mica lighting sand dunes.


Twinkling Heart

Twinkling Heart – Chirag Patel June 1996

I want to reach that land farthest.

I want to wander on that land farthest.

All watered mirages of this heart,

All palaces built with sand,

I want to reach that land farthest.

Seeing thru’ eyes of mind,

Fluttering wings of hands,

I want to reach that land farthest.

To receive gift of education,

To give treasure of knowledge,

I want to reach that land farthest.

To enjoy life,

To remove layer of Maya,

I want to reach that land farthest.

Departing from all that were in heart,

With drops of heart from beloved,

I want to reach that land farthest.

O my aunt-land,

I left behind mother for your love.

I am here to explore your womb.

I am here to reap riches.

Please, do not make me cry a lot.

Please, do not remove memories of dear ones.

Let me have memories of my sweetheart,

Accept me at your lotus feet, please.



Converse – Chirag Patel   February 14, 2010

Left path on seeing KADAMB,
Waving water witnessing,
How could he miss this front?

Cheering river sprinkled flowers.
Lord lost pearls flowing from eyes.
Merry groups played where,
GOPAL lived in their hearts.
Sweet gazes and lovely RAAS dances –
Created amazing union of RADHA and KRUSHNA.

Unknown flute touched lips,
Lord relayed age old symphony.
Uncanny tunes arose there.
Hidden cries poured then.
MOHAN searched companion with that sound.
All went in vain and grew glimpses in heart.

Alone RADHA shied with emotions,
Amazed, woke up, left the bed.
How could she find beloved in Gokul?
Rushed to bank of YAMUNA then.
Orphaned one saw master there.
Could not stop weeping seeing Lord.
Aroused lots of hard questions all,
RADHA insisted answers crying.

“KANHA, why do you like punishment?
This YOGIN does not know at all.”

“O my life, I always keep my words.
How can I be traitor with love in heart?
I love our nation – BHARAT.
Always think I remedy of national issues.
Never I forgot the promises made.”

“Deserted flute and friends all,
Enjoy songs and urban games now?”

“Never I found listeners like Gokul,
No groups there, no YAMUNA there,
No innocent games in city.”

“O friend, cows graze at GOVARDHAN.
That herd sigh missing you always.”

“O RADHIKA, I remember always.
Grazed unseen cows virtually.
All questioned me uttering DACH.
Wavering mind, hardened breathing.”

“Groups gathered for dances, RASESH.
Unknown wet moon withered sadly.
Without Master, boys forgot dances.”

“Stopped all joys without friends.
Who do I flirt with, RADHA?
How can I dance without your company?”

“Master, forgot this beloved too?”

Pain cried with this question,
Shouted MURALIDHAR utterly.
Wife frightened listening this noise.
Was hubby feared? Why? At this time?

This is DWARIKA. GOKUL farher.
MURARI, meet RADHA in dreams only.
Beloved tied to your words.
Sent remembrance every moment.
You forgot all the promises.
Face this persicution in old age.


Note: The original poem in Gujarati was written long time back. Please, find it here @ http://rutmandal.info/swaranjali/2009/08/14/samvaad/ I finished this English translation on Valentine’s day. This is my dedication to eternal love of RADHA and KRUSHNA.



Winter – Chirag Patel    February 04, 2010
(Original in Gujarati @ http://rutmandal.info/swaranjali/2010/02/05/shiyalo-2/)

Covered whole world in white sheet,
Did not descriminate at all now.
Lush green soil, arid river bank,
Bald-green trees, barren open lands,
Man maid rubble also unseen,
Clouds were missed in the sky too.
Up above azure sky, marble on ground,
No difference in color, no quarrel anymore.
Sun smiled looming over stage,
Sky cried roaring and handful.
Month of winter shivering,
And white snow beheaded all.
Music evolved in frozen loneliness,
New spring just ringed the bell.



Butterfly – Chirag Patel        November 03, 2009

Breeze was felt and a butterfly flew in garden of love,
Resting in the womb of a red rose, he paused a while.
He imbibed nectar and eased thirst from births.
Ocean of love roared in heart with joy.

Fate turned ill and forest caught in conflagration.
Lover being became unpleasant with ill-thoughts.
He gathered all might and heaved beloved.
Jumping, skipping, bouncing, flying ran away soon.
Fatigued being fell on ground with beloved.
He bathed in flames of the fire,
And beloved also dried floating pollens around.

Rain poured the ground after a while.
New life sprouted from the pollens of beloved.
And lover’s ash nourished those with smiles.

(Original Gujarati poem @ http://rutmandal.info/swaranjali/2009/11/06/patangiyu/)



Moment – Chirag Patel    September 30, 2009

Love has red color. Sleepless was I, applied it in my eyes.
Orange sun rose in dreams. I was wet in blue ocean.
Would it drizzle in reality, I would believe in true red color.
In heart, departing fired. Whole life burnt in every moment.
Expectation arose white glittering. It covered the truth.
Heart breaking departation was such a killer that
I danced in dreams of reunion.

(Original Gujarati poem @ http://rutmandal.info/swaranjali/2009/09/30/pal/)