Improve Hearing Loss

500gm cow urine
100 gm ajawain

boil both and make it 100gm
filter it and store

2 drops every day in ears

Also, press root of first finger 6 times every day

(Ref. Dr Pankaj Naram)

11 thoughts on “Improve Hearing Loss

  1. Kavitha says:

    Sir I am 26 years old women. I have sensorial hearing loss on both ears that’s in starting stage can we cure with the help of this therapy?

  2. Sumit says:

    SIR i have heaeing loss in both ears….doctor suggest me hearing aids….i m plannig for cow urine therapy…is it fine….or suggest me any other way….

  3. geeta says:

    sir i loss my hearing power of both ears. i have a hole in my eardrum of right ear is it curable without surgery? please suggest.

  4. Manivasagan says:

    My son is seven months old. Upto to 4 months, we noticed he as responding to sounds.
    Now he is not responding to sound. We approched one audiologist, he tested and told
    we should go for Cochlear implant. Is it neccessary?. Any other solution is there to solve the problem?. Any chance his hearing be restored in near future?

    Kindly help us to proceed.

    Thanking you,

    • Sri Bhujanga Rao,

      If you get your brain scan thru MRI/CT scan and if everything is normal, just ignore it. If you still feel uncomfortable, try a bandh I mentioned in Pranayam article It is:

      6) Jalandhar Bandh

      Inhale from both nostrils in small steps slowly till air cannot be taken.
      Close both nostrils with thumb and fingers and try to touch chin to chest.
      Without opening mouth and nostrils, act like swolloing water from mouth. Swollow 7-8 times.

  5. Tammisetti Bhujanga Rao says:

    I thank you for your suggestion and treatment due to “Improve Hearing Loss”. Please inform me, sir, what “press root of first finger 6 times every day” means.

    -Bhujanga Rao Tammisetti

    • I didn’t notice this comment till now. Sorry for that.

      The first finger (tarjani or the one next to thumb) of both hands has root where it is attached to palm. Here you should see one of three horizontal lines of a finger. Just below that line and above that line, there are two points. Press these two points with little pressure six times a day. Do it on both the hands.

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