Daughter Talks

  • * * 2020 January 30 Thursday * * *
    (saptarshi samvat 8696 maha shukla shashthi)


Me: Aah, sun is not visible again. Do you know solar system?
Daughter: Earth rotates and it moves round the sun.
Me: When I was child, I used to sing a song which loosely translates:
How is my grandpa?
Whom everyone loves.
His only teaching to me is –
Do good, be good, O my child!
Daughter: How is sun our grandpa?
Me: Earth is born from material that made Sun. And, Earth is mother for all animals. Do you know those clouds also rotate with Earth. How?
Daughter: No
Me: Gravity pulls everything towards center. What does happen if there is no gravity?
Daughter: I can fly and reach school. I can touch clouds. My desk fly with me too. Isn’t it nice?
Me: Lot of fun! Do you know source of energy?
Daughter: Food
Me: Where does food come from?
Daughter: Plant
Me: Where does plant get food from?
Daughter: Sunlight
Me: Yes, the sun is source of all energy.
Daughter: What about these fries?
Me: What these fries are made of?
Daughter: Potatoes
Me: Where do you get potato from?
Daughter: Plant
Me: See! So, sun is source of all lives.
Daughter: Some people eat chicken and fish. So?
Me: They feed on grains and vegetables. So, again the source is sun.
Daughter: Why then eat animals?
Me: That’s personal choice! We cannot criticize one food over another.

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