Cruise vacation tips – Pranav Pandya

By Pranav Pandya

there are so many tips for cruise but trying to put the most important ones…

– Get all possible medicines for kids and some for adults you may need

– Even if parking is costly park there because it’s worth it when u come back from trip

– While getting off from cruise at vacation places …all get off in swim appropriate clothes (saves time) and get couple of backpacks and put clothes etc in that while at places…easier than some random bags

– There are so many motion sickness bands available even on Amazon..for adults and kids…u may want to get them…I never tried it for my kids and they were all right but last time one family was extra cautious and got it for their kids as well…it doesn’t hurt…

– All excursion / activities should be researched with reviews and booked in advance…the clock is always on the run when u r on shore and u need to get back to ship also in time…

– For dinner u need to book timeslot in advance so depending upon your preferred dinner time do that…eventhough gratuity are already paid in extra…u will have just one waiter / server assigned to your table for the whole cruise…giving some extra money to him / her does the wonder all the time….my parents don’t eat onion / garlic and our server brought Indian food without onion / garlic everyday specially for them and took care of all of us just in return to some “Hari Patti” … we even had dinner so late out of our timeslot and he took care of our big group…😉

– Not sure if you drink but their drink / alcohol package is useless because now it’s not our age and we can’t do like teenagers with family anyways

– Use the tags on curb side check in as well as pack your bags and put it outside your cabin with tag on last night…it’s so much easier than carrying bag while departing off the ship…they take care of it for you and u get it in the terminal

– There are adult only deck areas usually on top…you can use it for relax while putting kids in on board camps…

– Kids and with them you guys can see captain’s cabin (main cockpit) if you request them

– On first day…they will give you whole program for the time you will be in cruise…read it briefly and mark the events u guys wanna cover it…including kids activities…

I guess these are top of my head…if anything specific not hesitate to ask…the whole staff is very helpful on cruise…whenever in doubt…just ask or dial from room…room service is available at no extra charge…but advisable to give some tips for the services taken (not mandatory)

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