Life – Chirag Patel Oct 09, 1998

Life – Chirag Patel Oct 09, 1998

What is life afterall? A little distance
Between two hospitals? Or somthing more?
Life begins with new hope. Life ends
With more hopes. Life is like marathon
Race. A run from little valley of womb
To little valley of mother earth! Truly,
Life is a chase. A chasae of unknown, a
Chase of known! Life is merely this? No.
Life is love. Life is joy. Life is happiness.
Life is relationship. Life is friendship.
Life is giving. Life is uphoria. Aboveall,
Life is a glimpse of God’s activity!

Remembrance – Chirag Patel Jan 10, 1999

Remembrance – Chirag Patel Jan 10, 1999

The first night of life, God asked “Who do you like?”,
Promptuous reply was mine, “Something you life”.

Euphemism it was; which unimpressed creator,
Elaborating, I unfolded truly my needs to narrator.

You like me, you love me, the unforgettable;
Feeling you give us is always fully untouchable.

You like love and I like to be loved forever;
God then created you, not mundane, for ever.

Your touch, your love, your carress, your warmth,
Your care, all made me mad swinging back and forth.

Then went away God, leaving me like a novice;
You taught me to live, yes, you are my choice.

Thankful to God I am. I was rustic, uncultured;
Thankful to you my love, I got pearl from culture.

Rain of Feelings – Chirag Patel Jul 26, 1999

Rain of Feelings – Chirag Patel Jul 26, 1999

Tip, tip, tip; falling drops of rain;
Bathing in; feeling beats of heart drain.

Small creatures; roaming here and there;
Loving them; feeling to go from nowhere.

Breeze of air; scintillating your hair;
Alluring me; feeling to breathe new air.

Diaphanous coat; covering you charming;
Losing control; feeling to seek alarming.

Silver clouds; glittering by the sun;
Giving peace; feeling as if I stunned.

Monsoon everywhere; greenery everywhere;
Togetherness here; feeling deepest love here.

My Love – Diodes Chirag Patel Jun, 1996

My Love – Diodes
Chirag Patel Jun, 1996

Evanescent world, that you are living in;
Lonely diodes, true martyrs you are indeed.

Ever I see, I feel dearth of you;
Carnage of yours, changed the era.

Truly saying, then began the second generation;
Roaming here and there, we met the ICs.

On the way to success, made the neural paths;
Neural networks are the fruits whose seeds you are.

Intellectual Intel made the Pentium;
Consummate – it is indeed; proved-
Success is to flow like water thru’ a road of rocks.

Twinkling Heart – Chirag Patel

Twinkling Heart – Chirag Patel

I want to reach that land farthest.
I want to wander on that land farthest.

All watered mirages of this heart,
All palaces built with sand,
I want to reach that land farthest.

Seeing thru’ eyes of mind,
Fluttering wings of hands,
I want to reach that land farthest.

To receive gift of education,
To give treasure of knowledge,
I want to reach that land farthest.

To enjoy life,
To remove layer of Maya,
I want to reach that land farthest.

Departing from all that were in heart,
With drops of heart from beloved,
I want to reach that land farthest.

O my aunt-land,
I left behind mother for your love.
I am here to explore your womb.
I am here to reap riches.

Please, do not make me cry a lot.
Please, do not remove memories of dear ones.

Let me have memories of my sweetheart,
Accept me at your lotus feet, please.

Open – Chirag Patel

Open – Chirag Patel

Hugged by womb of darkness,
With gentle flow of words in melody,
Dumb-found directions witnessing,
Iota of existence started journey
towards non-duality!

Swollen red lips playing tag,
Tip of tits bloomed with beats,
Thirst of impatient body
Exploded like waves of
bees enjoying nectar!

In the midst of boat thumping,
With wand moving to meet navel,
Opened petals of lotus
With juice of life which
Allured whole cosmos in union!

Slowly rising splash of joy,
Listening to floating music of non-dual,
“Lamp” and “Light” hid existence
In the heart of time and
Lost selves!

Love Story – Chirag Patel

Love story – Chirag Patel

Into unsatisfied fireplace of time,
Letting self sacrifice is Love!
With hurricane of life,
Letting wishes go is Love!
Into mirage of happiness,
Letting lust drown is Love!
Into thunder of departing,
Letting loneliness break is Love!

With infinitesimal moments of union,
To bloom as Rose is Love!
With dew drops of delicate touch,
To flood heart is Love!
With sweet beacons of eyes,
To calm thoughts is Love!
With two dear words,
To live story of life is Love!

With continuous destruction of lamp,
To remove darkness of world with light
Is Love …

My Dream – Chirag Patel

My Dream – Chirag Patel

I keep searching for you
In every moment of my life,
And try to gather torn pieces of my existence.

I breathe
And you float
Nourishing all of my cells.

I satisfy my thirst
And you swim
Enriching all of my body parts.

I eat food
And you form
Strengthening all of my muscles.

I reflect
And you ring
Enlightening all dark corners of my mind.

I look deep in heart
And you brighten
Creating my soul.

I fall in love
And you dance
Materializing every atom.

Moon Yearns – Chirag Patel

Moon Yearns – Chirag Patel

O Moon,
I am thirsty of
Velvet rays dropping from
Your silken body.

On full moon night,
I drank like mad
As one thirsty of ages.

Filled with elixir
Of moments
When we were together
I cherished dark nights.

Pouring rain
Volcanic hot days
Shivering nights
Frightening tornadoes
Wild sands
Strange forests
I waited for you everywhere.

O Moon,
You exist thru me
You transforms my evil look
You converts my roars into whispers
You cools down my heat
We play hide-n-seek as I run

I am you, O Moon.
I am sun and you are my moon
Like lamp and its light.

INRANGE – Chirag Patel Aug 22, 2000

INRANGE – Chirag Patel Aug 22, 2000

In this beautiful place, all we unite and work.
Nightingales chirp here near Mount Laurel.
Road is full of rocks yet inspires to be supreme.
Actions, like water, flow through these rocks.
Nothingness gets realistic foundation mass here.
Ground of hopes and land of attainments, this;
Establishes in our hearts, inveterate relation, truly.