Most innovative company CEOs – Chirag Patel

Based on the list from 2014 for 100 companies, I checked CEO educational background. I could not find accurate information for some. This list is 99% accurate tho. Here’s the spreadsheet: 150314_ceo_inno Interesting facts from this analysis: 32 – undergraduate work in Engineering or Science 40 – undergraduate work in business, finance, accounting or अतिरिक्त Read More


New year 2017 is on horizon. Everyone will enjoy firing crackers on 31st December eve around the globe. But, there is not a single message from an environmentalist yet! Otherwise, they are on full fire 15 days ahead of Diwali! Santa Clause is a mythical character. But, people trust that story. Whereas shraaddh or kaag अतिरिक्त Read More


avadhootopanishad This upanishad is from kruShNa yajurveda. Bhagavaan dattaatreya answered saankruti’s curiosity and thus this upanishad is born. aum saha naavavatu. saha nau bhunaktu. saha viryam karavaavahai. tejasvinaavadheetamastu maa vidviShaavahai. aum shaanti shaanti shaantihi. (God) protect both of us (guru and disciple). Nourish us together. We both gather power together. Our knowledge be brightened. We अतिरिक्त Read More


adhyaatmopanishad This upanishad is based on shukla yajurveda. Below is my summary of its teaching. Its shaantipaaTha describes poorNa (whole). “whole” is source of all and everything is “whole”. If “whole” is taken out from “whole”, whatever remains is “whole” too. That which resides within heart inside body, is nitya (eternal) and aja (unborn, without अतिरिक्त Read More

atharvashira upanishad

atharvashira upanishad This upanishad is based on atharva veda. It has total 7 kanDikaas. [1] rudra is one, past, present, future, soul of souls, all directions, eternal, mortal, expressed, concealed, brahman, non-brahman, male, female, neuter, all meters in poetry, all types of fires, truth, cow, gauri(his wife in worldly form), light, darkness, all vedas, eldest, अतिरिक्त Read More