History of Bhagavatam – Chirag Patel

History of Shrimad Bhagavatam – Chirag Patel   naimishhaaraNya (present day Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh State of India) was the forest where rushi (sage) shaunaka asked narrator suta of bhagavata. It was on the bank of river gomati. There were some 88,000 rushis gathered there.   vyasa rushi wrote bhagavata which is one of अतिरिक्त Read More

Preface to Bhagavatam – Chirag Patel

Preface to Bhagavatam – Chirag Patel Namaste! I was reading The Grand Design by respected Mr Stephen Hawking. He was suggesting that in olden times, philosophy was basis of scientific discoveries. But, in modern times, philosophy has stopped contributing and aligning with scientific discoveries. For recent centuries, philosophy has evolved into theoretical realms. Philosophy is अतिरिक्त Read More

Geography from Purana – Chirag Patel July 02, 2017

Geography from Purana – Chirag Patel July 02, 2017 In ancient puranic texts, we find references to geographical terrains. Also, puranas mention different worlds. Jambu Dvipa – salty ocean Plaksha Dvipa – sugarcane juice ocean Shaalmali Dvipa – alcoholic wine ocean Kusha Dvipa – ghee ocean Kauncha Dvipa – milk ocean Shaaka Dvipa – curd अतिरिक्त Read More

Most innovative company CEOs – Chirag Patel

Based on the list from http://www.forbes.com/innovative-companies/list/ 2014 for 100 companies, I checked CEO educational background. I could not find accurate information for some. This list is 99% accurate tho. Here’s the spreadsheet: 150314_ceo_inno Interesting facts from this analysis: 32 – undergraduate work in Engineering or Science 40 – undergraduate work in business, finance, accounting or अतिरिक्त Read More