Vrund Patel 2010 March 14  I like Basket Ball I like Basket Ball because I get to do a dunk and a slamdunk. If I shoot from the 3-pointer line I get 3 points. My favorite team are the Cavaliers and the Lakers. I like Basket Ball !!!!!!!!!!

Android NDK console print C/C++ – Chirag Patel

When your Android app has C/C++ code using NDK tools and you want printing output to serial port console, here’s the solution. // change sharing first chmod(“/dev/console”, S_IRWXG | S_IRWXO | S_IRWXU); // open file int serialFd = open(“/dev/console”, O_RDWR | O_NONBLOCK | O_NDELAY | O_NOCTTY | O_APPEND); __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_DEBUG, “Serial”, “Serial console fd=%d errno=%d(%s)”, serialFd, अतिरिक्त Read More

Beyond Stephen Hawking – Chirag Patel                                2018 April 01

Beyond Stephen Hawking – Chirag Patel                                2018 April 01 #StephenHawking #DarkMatter #DarkEnergy #BeyondBigBang #BigBang #Upanishad This article is my homage to one of greatest minds of our time – Stephen Hawking. On 2018 March 02, I read a news article on Stephen Hawking (link: Hawking said that he knew what it was before अतिरिक्त Read More

Bhagavatam 1 – Chirag Patel

Bhagavatam Booklet 1 – Chirag Patel   1-1-1   janmaadyasya yatoanvayaaditaratashchvaartheshhvabhijnah svaraaT | tene brahma hryudaa ya aadikavaye muhyanti yatsoorayah || tejo vaarimrudaam yathaa vinimayo yatra trisargoamrushhaa | dhaamnaa svena sadaa nirastakuhakam satyam param dheemahi ||   Meaning:   One who taught the vedas which confuses learned scholars to brahmaa; One who creates, retains and अतिरिक्त Read More