Android disk size and wear level check

Use this command to get mount names and origins: df To get block information for data use the command: tune2fs -l /dev/block/mmcblk0p56 (example) If any block does not report “clean” then we can use e2fsck to clean them. To do a check with e2fsck without changing the file system: e2fsck -n /dev/block/mmcblk0p56 (example)

A brief intro to Diwali – Chirag Patel

Namaste! Happy Diwali to you all.Diwali or as it is originally called – Deepavali, means row of lamps.It’s a festival of lights.Diwali is the biggest and the grandest festival in India.There are some variations in celebration across various states in India. Yet, lighting lamps, making rangoli – that is, colored sand paintings on floor, exchanging अतिरिक्त Read More

Fix comments not showing in WordPress page

If you have “magazine-basic” wordpress theme, and with recent updates or for any reason; if comment is not showing up in individual posts, follow this change. Navigate from your hosting panel to file:  …/ wp-content / themes / magazine-basic / functions.php. Edit this file. Around line 351, change case statement as below: function bavotasan_comment( $comment, $args, $depth ) {$GLOBALS[‘comment’] = $comment; switch अतिरिक्त Read More

Rajayoga – Chirag Patel 2019 Dec 8 Saptarshi 8696 margashirsh shukla dwadashi

#rajayoga Rushi Patanjali has written ‘Yogasutra’ about 2500 years ago, in which, the principles of Rajayoga are described. There is also a subtle explanation of Samadhi, Kaivalyapada (ultimate liberation) etc in shvetasvatar Upanishad. Swami Vivekananda has discussed these principles in details in his book ‘Rajoyoga’. Here, bases on his book, I am trying to explain अतिरिक्त Read More

Hindu Tolerance – Chirag Patel

Hindu Tolerance – Chirag Patel 2019 Nov 17 Saptarshi 8696 kartik krushna shashthi #hindu #tolerance Hindu is a term derived from geography. People living in the region of river Sindhu are called Hindu. Persians could not pronounce “S” and thus the word “hindu” was coined in Arabic world which became famous in Europe. Religious practice अतिरिक्त Read More