Gospel of Shri Ramakrushna

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teaching from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Today’s Page: 206-207

“They are indeed bound souls who constantly dwell with ‘woman and gold’ and do not think of God even for a moment. How can you expect noble deeds of them? They are like mangoes pecked by a crow, which may not be offered to the Deity in the temple, and which even men hesitate to eat.

“Bound souls, worldly people, are like silk-worms. The worms can cut through their cocoons if they want, but having woven the cocoons themselves, they are too much attached to them to leave them. And so they die there.

“Free souls are not under the control of ‘woman and gold’. There are some silk-worms that cut through the cocoon they have made with such great care. But they are few and far between.

“It is maya that deludes. Only a few become spiritually awakened and are not deluded by the spell of maya. They do not come under the control of ‘woman and gold’.

“There are two classes of perfect souls: those who attain perfection through spiritual practice, and those who attain it through the grace of God. Some farmers irrigate their fields with great labour. Only then can they grow crops. But there are some who do not have to irrigate at all; their fields are flooded by rain. They don’t have to go to the trouble of drawing water. One must practise spiritual discipline laboriously, in order to avoid the clutches of maya. Those who attain liberation through the grace of God do not have to labour. But they are few indeed.

“Then there is the class of the ever-perfect. They are born in each life with their spiritual consciousness already awakened. Think of a spring whose outlet is obstructed. While looking after various things in the garden, the plumber accidentally clears it and the water gushes out. Yet people are amazed to see the first manifestations of an ever-perfect soul’s zeal for God. They say, ‘Where was all this devotion and renunciation and love?'”


Gospel of Shri Ramakrushna

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teaching from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Today’s Page: 173-174

“If the devotee but once feels this attachment and ecstatic love for God, this mature devotion and longing, then he sees God in both His aspects, with form and without form.”

VIJAY: “How can one see God?”

MASTER: “One cannot see God without purity of heart. Through attachment to ‘woman and gold’ the mind has become stained-covered with dirt, as it were. A magnet cannot attract a needle if the needle is covered with mud. Wash away the mud and the magnet will draw it. Likewise, the dirt of the mind can be washed away with the tears of our eyes. This stain is removed if one sheds tears of repentance and says, ‘O God, I shall never again do such a thing.’ Thereupon God, who is like the magnet, draws to Himself the mind, which is like the needle. Then the devotee goes into samadhi and obtains the vision of God.

“You may try thousands of times, but nothing can be achieved without God’s grace. One cannot see God without His grace. Is it an easy thing to receive the grace of God? One must altogether renounce egotism; one cannot see God as long as one feels, ‘I am the doer.’ Suppose, in a family, a man has taken charge of the store-room; then if someone asks the master, ‘Sir, will you yourself kindly give me something from the store-room?’, the master says to him: ‘There is already someone in the store-room. What can I do there?’

“God doesn’t easily appear in the heart of a man who feels himself to be his own master. But God can be seen the moment His grace descends. He is the Sun of Knowledge. One single ray of His has illumined the world with the light of knowledge. That is how we are able to see one another and acquire varied knowledge. One can see God only if He turns His light toward His own face.

“The police sergeant goes his rounds in the dark of night with a lanterns (6 A reference to the lantern carried by the night-watch, which has dark glass on three sides.) in his hand. No one sees his face; but with the help of that light the sergeant sees everybody’s face, and others, too, can see one another. If you want to see the sergeant, however, you must pray to him: ‘Sir, please turn the light on your own face. Let me see you.’ In the same way one must pray to God: ‘O Lord, be gracious and turn the light of knowledge on Thyself, that I may see Thy face.’

“A house without light indicates poverty. So one must light the lamp of Knowledge in one’s heart. As it is said in a song:

Lighting the lamp of Knowledge in the chamber of your heart,
Behold the face of the Mother, Brahman’s Embodiment.”

As Vijay had brought medicine with him, the Master asked a devotee to give him some water. He was indeed a fountain of infinite compassion. He had arranged for Vijay’s boat fare, since the latter was too poor to pay it. Vijay, Balaram, M., and the other devotees left for Calcutta in a country boat.


Gospel of shri ramakrushna

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teaching from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

*Today’s Page: 645*

DEVOTEE: “Sir, we hear that you go into samadhi and experience ecstasy. Please explain why and how you get into that mood.”

MASTER: “Sri Radha used to experience mahabhava. If any of her companions wanted to touch her while she was in that state, another of them would say: ‘Please do not touch that body, the playground of Sri Krishna. Krishna is now sporting in her body.’ *It is not possible to experience bhava or mahabhava without the realization of God. When a fish comes up from a great depth, you see a movement on the surface of the water; and if it is a big one there is much splashing about. That is why a devotee ‘laughs and weeps and dances and sings in the ecstasy of God’.*

“One cannot remain in bhava very long. People take a man to be crazy if he sits before a mirror and looks at his face all the time.”

DEVOTEE: “Sir, we hear that you see God. If you do, please show Him to us.”

MASTER: “Everything depends on God’s will. What can a man do? While chanting God’s name, sometimes tears flow and at other times the eyes remain dry. While meditating on God, some days I feel a great deal of inner awakening, and some days I feel nothing.

*”A man must work. Only then can he see God.* One day, in an exalted mood, I had a vision of the Haldarpukur. I saw a low-caste villager drawing water after pushing aside the green scum. Now and then he took up the water in the palm of his hand and examined it. In that vision it was revealed to me that the water cannot be seen without pushing aside the green scum that covers it; that is to say, *one cannot develop love of God or obtain His vision without work. Work means meditation, japa, and the like. The chanting of God’s name and glories is work too.* You may also include charity, sacrifice, and so on.

*”If you want butter, you must let the milk turn to curd. It must be left in a quiet place. When the milk becomes curd, you must work hard to churn it. Only then can you get butter from the milk.”*

MAHIMACHARAN: “That is true, sir. Work is certainly necessary. One must labour hard. Only then does one succeed. There is so much to read! The scriptures are endless.”

MASTER (to Mahimacharan): “How much of the scriptures can you read? *What will you gain by mere reasoning?* Try to realize God before anything else. *Have faith in the guru’s words, and work. If you have no guru, then pray to God with a longing heart. He will let you know what He is like.*

“What will you learn of God from books? As long as you are at a distance from the market-place you hear only an indistinct roar. But it is quite different when you are actually there. Then you hear and see everything distinctly. You hear people saying: ‘Here are your potatoes. Take them and give me the money.’

“From a distance you hear only the rumbling noise of the ocean. Go near it and you will see many boats sailing about, birds flying, and waves rolling


આધુનિક ભારતનું વૈજ્ઞાનિક પ્રદાન – ચિરાગ પટેલ જુલાઈ ૧૭, ૨૦૧૦

આધુનિક ભારતનું વૈજ્ઞાનિક પ્રદાન – ચિરાગ પટેલ જુલાઈ ૧૭, ૨૦૧૦

મને ઘણી બધી વાર પ્રશ્ન ઉઠ્યો છે કે આધુનિક સમયમાં ભારતીય સંસ્કૃતિ વિજ્ઞાન, ગણિત અને ખગોળ ક્ષેત્રે પાછળ કેમ પડી ગઈ છે? જે પ્રાચીન સંસ્કૃતિ દરેક ક્ષેત્રે વિશ્વને નવી દ્રષ્ટિ આપી ચુકી હોય એનું આવું અધઃપતન! ઘણી વાર વિવિધ બ્લોગ પર પણ આ બાબતને લઈને ચર્ચાઓ થતી રહી છે. આથી, આ બાબતે મેં છેલ્લા ૨૦૦ વર્ષનો ઈતિહાસ થોડો ફંફોળી જોયો અને આપની સમક્ષ મારું અવલોકન મૂકી રહ્યો છું. અહીં માત્ર અને માત્ર વૈજ્ઞાનિક રીતે જાણીતી માહિતીઓના સન્દર્ભમાંથી ભારતીયોએ આપેલા પ્રદાનની નોન્ધ મૂકી છે.

* ૧૮૯૪મા જગદીશ ચંદ્ર બોઝે રેડિયો કમ્યુનીકેશનનું કોલકાતામાં જાહેર પ્રદર્શન કર્યું અને હવે આઈ.ઈ.ઈ.ઈ. સંસ્થાએ ગુગ્લીએમો માર્કોની પહેલા જગદીશ ચંદ્ર બોઝે રેડિયો સંદેશાવ્યવહાર શોધ્યો હોવાનું માન્ય રાખ્યું છે.

* ૧૯૨૦મા મેધનાદ સહાએ આયનીકરણ અને સૌર ક્રોમોસ્ફીયરની સ્પેક્ટ્રલ લાઈનની વિશિષ્ટ તીવ્રતાની તાપમાન અને દબાણને સાંકળીને ગણતરી સમજાવી.

* ૧૯૨૪મા સત્યેન્દ્રનાથ બોઝે પ્લાન્કના બ્લેક બોડી કિરણોત્સર્ગની ગણતરીના નિયમને ફોટોન સ્ટેટીસ્ટીક્સની મદદથી સાબિત કરી બતાવ્યો.

* ૧૯૨૪મા જ સત્યેન્દ્રનાથ બોઝે આઇન્સ્ટાઇન સાથે મળીને પદાર્થની પાંચમી ભૌતિક અવસ્થા “બોઝ-આઇન્સ્ટાઇન કન્ડેન્સેટ” સમજાવી.

* ૧૯૨૭મા જગદીશ ચંદ્ર બોઝે ક્રેસ્કોગ્રાફ નામનું યંત્ર વિકસાવી વનસ્પતિમાં જીવ છે એ સાબિત કર્યું.

* ૧૯૨૮મા ચંદ્રશેખર રામને પ્રકાશના વિખેરણની ઘટના સમજાવી જેને “રામન ઈફેક્ટ” કહે છે.

* ૧૯૨૯મા વાય. સુબ્બારાવે લોહમેન અને ફીસકે સાથે મળીને સ્નાયુમાં એટીપીમાંથી શક્તિ કેવી રીતે છૂટી પડે છે એ સમજાવ્યું.

* ૧૯૩૦મા સુબ્રમણ્યમ ચંદ્રશેખરે તારાની વ્હાઈટ ડવાર્ફ (શ્વેત વામન) અવસ્થા સમજાવી અને “ચંદ્રશેખર લીમીટ” તરીકે ઓળખાતો આંક આપ્યો.

* ૧૯૫૭મા ઈ.સી. જ્યોર્જ સુદર્શને રોબર્ટ માર્શક સાથે મળીને પરમાણુના વીક ફોર્સની સમજુતી આપી.

* ૧૯૫૭મા વી. બાપુએ ઓલીન વિલ્સન સાથે મળીને અવકાશી કિરણોત્સર્ગની “વિલ્સન-બાપુ ઈફેક્ટ” સમજાવી.

* ૧૯૬૪મા હરગોવિંદ ખુરાનાએ પ્રયોગશાળામાં કૃત્રિમ આર.એન.એ. બનાવ્યું જે કોષના પાયાના એકમ પદાર્થોમાંનો એક એમીનો એસીડ માટે જરૂરી છે. ૧૯૬૫ સુધીમાં નિરેન્બર્ગ અને ખુરાનાની પધ્ધતિએ કુલ ૨૦ એમીનો એસીડ કૃત્રિમ રીતે બનાવી શકાયા.

* ૧૯૬૫મા ફ્રેડ હોઈલ અને જયંત નારલીકરે બ્રહ્માંડની ઉત્પત્તિની “સ્ટેડી સ્ટેટ થીયરી” આપી.

* ૧૯૭૯મા ડી. નારાયણ રાવે પોટર અને રુડીકોફ સાથે મળીને ઈમ્યુનોગ્લોબીનના જે. ક્ષેત્ર શોધવાની સમજુતી આપી.

* ૧૯૯૯ અને બાદમાં વી. રામકૃષ્ણને રીબોઝોમ અને એન્ટીબાયોટીક્સ બંધારણ સમજાવ્યા.

* ૨૦૦૨મા મહિન્દ્ર અગ્રવાલે અવિભાજ્ય સંખ્યા (પ્રાઈમ નંબર) બહુ જ ચોકસાઈથી શોધવાની થીયરી આપી.

આની સામે એ જ વર્ષોમાં ૩૫ જાપાનીઝ, કોરિયન કે ચાઇનીઝ; ૭ લેટીન અમેરિકન અને ૫ મુસ્લિમ વૈજ્ઞાનિકોનો ઉલ્લેખ છે. હા, આ બે સદીઓ યુરોપ અને અમેરિકાની હોવાથી ભારતનું પ્રદાન તેમની સામે ઓછું લાગે છે, પરંતુ વિશ્વના બાકીના રાષ્ટ્રો કરતા ભારતનું નોંધપાત્ર યોગદાન રહ્યું છે. હવે રાષ્ટ્રવાર નોબેલ પારિતોષિકોની સરખામણી કરીએ.

૨ અલ્જીરીયા, ૫ આર્જેન્ટીના, ૧૦ ઓસ્ટ્રેલીયા, ૨૧ ઓસ્ટ્રિયા, ૧ અઝરબૈજાન, ૨ બાંગ્લાદેશ, ૧ બેલારુસ, ૧૦ બેલ્જીયમ, ૨ બોસ્નિયા, ૧ બ્રાઝીલ, ૧ બલ્ગેરિયા, ૧૯ કેનેડા, ૨ ચીલી, ૬ ચીન, ૧ કોલમ્બિયા, ૧ કોસ્ટા રિકા, ૧ ક્રોઅશિયા, ૫ ઝેક, ૧૩ ડેન્માર્ક, ૨ પૂર્વ તિમોર, ૪ ઈજીપ્ત, ૧ ફેરો આઈલેન્ડ્ઝ , ૪ ફિનલેન્ડ, ૫૭ ફ્રાંસ, ૧૦૩ જર્મની, ૧ ઘાના, ૨ ગ્રીસ, ૨ ગ્વાટેમાલા, ૧ હોંગકોંગ, ૧૫ હંગેરી, ૧ આઇસ્લેન્ડ, ૭ ભારત, ૨ ઈરાન, ૬ આયર્લેન્ડ, ૯ ઇઝરાયેલ, ૨૦ ઇટલી, ૧૬ જાપાન, ૧ કેન્યા, ૨ સાઉથ કોરિયા, ૧ લેટવિયા, ૧ લીથુઆનીયા, ૩ મેક્સિકો, ૧ મ્યાનમાર, ૧૮ નેધરલેન્ડ્સ, ૩ ન્યુઝીલેન્ડ, ૧ નાઈજીરિયા, ૧૧ નોર્વે, ૧ પાકિસ્તાન, ૧ પેલેસ્તાઈન, ૧૨ પોલેન્ડ, ૨ પોર્ટુગલ, ૩ રોમાનિયા, ૨૩ રશિયા, ૨ સેન્ટ લુસિયા, ૧ સ્લોવેકિયા, ૧ સ્લોવેનિયા, ૯ દક્ષિણ આફ્રિકા, ૭ સ્પેન, ૨૮ સ્વીડન, ૨૬ સ્વીત્ઝર્લેન્ડ, ૧ તિબેટ, ૧ તાઈવાન, ૧ ત્રિનિદાદ, ૧ તુર્કી, ૩ યુક્રેન, ૧૧૭ યુ.કે., ૩૨૦ યુ.એસ.એ., ૧ વેનેઝુએલા, ૧ વિયેતનામ. ભારતના ૭ નોબેલ ઇનામો નોંધપાત્ર છે.

ભારતનું યોગદાન અમેરિકી અને યુરોપી રાષ્ટ્રોની સરખામણીએ વામણું છે, પરંતુ અવગણ્ય સહેજે નથી. બીજા બધા દેશોની સરખામણીએ આપણે નોંધપાત્ર પ્રગતિ કરી છે અને યોગદાન આપ્યું છે. આપણે જે સિધ્ધિઓ મેળવી છે તેનો યોગ્ય પ્રચાર થયો જોઈએ જેથી રાષ્ટ્રાભિમાન જાગ્રત થાય; અને આ અભિમાનવાળો અભિગમ નવી સિધ્ધિઓના દ્વાર ખોલવામાં મદદરૂપ થઈ શકે.

થોડા હળવા કિસ્સા નોંધીને લેખનું સમાપન કરું છું. (ઈન્ટરનેટ પરથી લીધા છે.)

૧) એકવાર ઈંગ્લેન્ડમાં કોઈ પરિષદ હતી. એક બ્રિટીશ વૈજ્ઞાનિકે ભારતીય વૈજ્ઞાનિકને કહ્યું કે, “અમે તો તમારા પર ૨૦૦ વર્ષ રાજ્ય કર્યું છે.” ભારતીય વૈજ્ઞાનિકે સામે જવાબ આપ્યો કે, “જો હું બ્રિટીશ ઈતિહાસ ભૂલતો ના હોઉં તો એ ખરું કે રોમન લોકોએ તમારા પર ૫૦૦ વર્ષ રાજ્ય કર્યું હતું?”

૨) કોઈ ગણિતની પરિષદમાં ચર્ચા ચાલતી હતી. ભારતીય પ્રોફેસરે બધાને પુરાવાઓ આપીને જણાવ્યું કે અરેબીક આંકડાઓ ભારતમાં શોધાયા હતા. એક ઈરાકી ગણિતશાસ્ત્રી ઉભા થયા અને પૂછ્યું કે, “તમે ભારતમાં એને અરેબીક આંકડા કેમ કહો છો? અમે તો એને રકમ-અલ-હિન્દ (હિંદુ આંકડા) કહીએ છીએ!”

૩) કોઈ વાર એક પરિષદમાં એક અમેરિકન વૈજ્ઞાનિકે ભારતીય વૈજ્ઞાનિકને સવાલ કર્યો કે, “તમે ગરીબ દેશ છો. તમે લોકો ભૂખમરો અને ખેતી ક્ષેત્રે સંશોધન કરો. શા માટે ન્યુક્લિયર અને સ્પેસ પાછળ પડ્યા છો?” ભારતીય વૈજ્ઞાનિકે સામે પ્રશ્ન કર્યો કે, “તમે સાહિત્યનો અભ્યાસ માત્ર નવલિકા અને નવલકથા વાંચીને કરશો અને એમાંથી કાવ્ય કાઢી નાખશો?” અમેરિકને કહ્યું કે, “એવું કેવી રીતે બની શકે? ગદ્ય અને પદ્ય બંને સાહિત્યનો ભાગ છે.” ભારતીય સ્મિત સાથે કહ્યું કે, “બસ ત્યારે. બધું વિજ્ઞાનનો જ ભાગ છે અને અમે દરેક ક્ષેત્રે સંશોધન કરવા માગીએ છીએ.”

List of notable scientist/mathematicians in last 100 years from India who studied in India till master’s degree and worked mostly in India to achieve their feat:
1) Mahindra Agrawal – PhD from Kanpur – AKS primality test in mathematics – worked in India only
2) Sam pitroda – masters from Vadodara – inventor of digital diary and more than 100 telecom patents – worked in USA and then India only
3) Jayant Narlikar – masters from Varanasi – steady state theory, gravity theory – worked in UK and then India only
4) V Bappu – masters from Chennai – Wilson Bappu effect, astronomical discoveries – worked in USA and then India only
5) Y subbarao – masters from Hyderabad – first tetracycline
6) Salim Ali – masters from Mumbai – ornithology (birds) – worked in India only
7) KR Rao – masters from Chennai – many inventions in nuclear physics – worked in India only
8) PC Mahalanobis – undergraduate from Kolkata – statistical theory, survey, anthropology – worked in UK and then in India only
9) GN Ramachandran – masters from Bengaluru – molecular biology, crystallography – worked in India only
10) Harish Chandra – masters from Mumbai – discrete series, philosophical aspect of mathematics – brief work in India
11) Ganapathy Thanikaimoni – masters from Chennai – fossil and modern pollen morphology – worked in India only
12) APJ Abdul Kalam – masters from Chennai – indigenous missile system – worked in India only
13) Anil Kakodkar – masters from Mumbai – Indigenous nuclear explosions, heavy water reactor – worked in India only
14) Vikram Sarabhai – masters from Bengaluru – cosmic rays – worked in India only
15) S Chandrashekhar – masters from Chennai – chadrashekhar limit, Brownian motion, sunlit sky polarization – worked in USA only
16) G Sudarshan – masters from Chennai – explained weak force, quantum optics – worked in USA mostly and some in India
17) Satyendranath Bose – masters from Kolkata – Fifth state of element (Bose-Einstein theory), black body radiation – worked in India only
18) M Visvesvaraya – masters from Bengaluru – steel doors to protect wastage of water dam – worked in India only
19) Meghnad Saha – masters from Kolkata – ionization formula, spectral line – worked in India only
20) Jagdish Chandra Bose – masters from Kolkata – wireless communication, life in plants – worked in India only
21) Homi Bhabha – masters from Mumbai – electron shower, meson discovery – worked in UK and then India only
22) CV Raman – masters from Chennai – raman effect scattering of lights – worked in India only


Oil/Ghee on navel

Our belly button is surely an amazing thing !
According to science,
after a person has passed away,
the belly button is still warm
for 3 hours the reason being
that when a woman conceives
a child,
her belly button supplies nourishment to the child through
the child’s belly button.
And a fully grown child is formed in 270 days = 9 months.

This is the reason all our veins are connected to our belly button
which makes it the focal point of
our body.
Belly button is life itself !

The “PECHOTI” is situated behind
the belly button which has
72,000 plus veins over it.
The total amount of blood vessels we have in our body are equal
to twice the circumference of the earth.

Applying oil to belly button
CURES dryness of eyes,
poor eyesight,
pancreas over or under working, cracked heels and
lips, keeps
face glowing,
shiny hair,
knee pain,
joint pains,
dry skin.

*REMEDY For dryness of eyes,
poor eyesight,
fungus in nails,
glowing skin,
shiny hair*

At night before bed time,
put 3 drops of pure ghee or
coconut oil in your belly button
and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.

*For knee pain*

At night before bed time,
put 3 drops of castor oil
in your belly button and
spread it 1 and half inches
around your belly button.

*For shivering and
relief from joint pain,
dry skin*

At night before bed time,
put 3 drops of mustard oil in
your belly button and
spread it 1 and half inches
around your belly button.


Your belly button can detect
which veins have dried up and
pass this oil to it hence open
them up.

When a baby has a stomach ache, we normally mix asafoetida (hing) and water or
oil and apply around the naval. Within minutes the ache is cured.
Oil works the same way.

Try it. There’s no harm in trying.

You can keep a small dropper
bottle with the required oil
next to your bed and drop
few drops onto navel and
massage it before going to sleep. This will make it convenient
to pour and avoid accidental


aatmapoojopanishad – Chirag Patel July 04, 2017

aatmapoojopanishad – Chirag Patel July 04, 2017

Thinking continuously about soul (aatmaa) is God’s meditation (dhyaana).

Ending of all karma is God’s invocation (aavaahana).

Eternal knowledge is God’s seat (aasana).

Being eager about soul always is washing God’s holy lotus feet (paadya).

Keeping soul in mind is washing God’s holy lotus hands (arghya).

Constant light of soul is offering water to God to drink (aachamana).

Attaining the best is bathing God (snaana).

Stopping sense of whole visible world is offering incense to God (gandha).

Special vision or understanding is offering rice to God (akshata).

Light of consciousness is offering flower to God (pushpa).

Union of soul with the sun is offering lamp to God (deepaka).

Union with full moon’s elixir is offering food to God (naivedya).

Soul’s uniform mobility is circumambulation of God (pradakshiNaa).

Soul’s being one with super consciousness (brahman) is bowing to God (naman).

Maintaining silence is God’s praise (stuti).

Always be content or satisfied is God’s departure (visarjana).

The above steps are path to moksha or liberation of eternal birth-death cycles.


Maa and her command

Swami Shantananda, an attendant of Holy Mother, narrated how, long after her passing away, he received a command from Holy Mother that reassured him of her living presence. He said that during her lifetime the Mother had once told him how to receive her command:

If there is any crisis in your life, remember me. Isolate yourself from others for a few days and practise japa and meditation intensely. Pray whole heartedly and ask me, “Mother, what shall I do?” During that period, eat less and keep your body and mind pure. Try to maintain silence and speak only if it is absolutely necessary. Don’t let other people know what you are doing. Continue your prayer and sadhana in this way with a one-pointed mind. Never lose patience. If you see that you are not receiving my command, still you should not give up hope. If you find that no response is coming, then know for certain that your mind has not risen high enough to receive my command. You will definitely receive my command if you call on me with wholehearted faith and devotion.


The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teaching from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Today’s Page: 321-322

While talking, Sri Ramakrishna regained the normal consciousness of the world. With a smile on his face he conversed with Keshab. The roomful of men watched them eagerly, and listened to their words. Everybody was amazed to find that neither Keshab nor the Master inquired about each other’s health. They talked only of God.

MASTER (to Keshab): “Why do the members of the Brahmo Samaj dwell so much on God’s glories? Is there any great need of repeating such things as ‘O God, Thou hast created the moon, the sun, and the stars’? Most people are filled with admiration for the garden only. How few care to see its owner! Who is greater, the garden or its owner?

“After a few drinks at a tavern, do I care to know how many gallons of wine are stored there? One bottle is enough for me.

“When I met Narendra, I never asked him ‘Who is your father? How many houses does he own?’

“Shall I tell you the truth? Man loves his own riches, and so he thinks that God loves His, too. He thinks that God will be pleased if we glorify His riches. Once Sambhu said to me, ‘Please bless me, that I may die leaving my riches at the Lotus Feet of God.’ I answered: ‘These are riches only to you. What riches can you offer God? To Him these are mere dust and straw.’

“Once a thief broke into the temple of Vishnu and robbed the image of its jewels. Mathur Babu and I went to the temple to see what was the matter. Addressing the image, Mathur said bitterly: ‘What a shame, Lord! You are so worthless! The thief took all the ornaments from Your body, and You couldn’t do a thing about it.’ Thereupon I said to Mathur: ‘Shame on you! How improper your words are! To God, the jewels you talk so much about are only lumps of clay. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune, is His Consort. Do you mean to say that He should spend sleepless nights because a thief has taken your few rupees? You mustn’t say such things.’

“Can one ever bring God under control through wealth? He can be tamed only through love. What does He want? Certainly not wealth! He wants from His devotees love, devotion, feeling, discrimination, and renunciation.




Towards the close of his life Swamiji was in poor health. When he was living at the Math, the Holy Mother one day came to see him in the company of Yogin-Ma and the members of Balaram Bose’s family. Swamiji talked with the Mother on the first floor of the monastery and then went downstairs to see her off. The hired boat, in the meantime, got struck in the mud for the tide was on the ebb. The Mother as well as the other members of her party boarded while Swamiji, wearing only a vest and with his dhoti tucked up tightly, along with a few other Swamis and Brahmacharins pushed the boat into the water. (Swami Nirlepananda: Sancayan (Bengali) (Calcutta: Swamijir Smrti Karuna Prakasani, B.S, 1374). Pp. 143-44) This was the last time Swamiji saw the Holy Mother.

Swamiji breathed his last on 4 July 1902 at the age of thirty-nine years, five months, and twenty-four days. Gloom and a sense of desolation fell upon the monastery. The members of the Order were struck dumb at the thought of their irreparable loss. We do not know for certain what was the reaction of the Holy Mother who was then living at Jayrambati. But it can be conjectured that she wept bitterly, as she did at the death of Swamis Yogananda and Premananda. It took quite some days for the Mother to get over the shock. In her letter dated 31 August 1902, addressed to Swami Vimalananda, a disciple of Swamiji, the Mother wrote, ‘How can I express the bitter sorrow I am experiencing at the bereavement of Sri Sri Swamiji Maharaj!’ There is also on record another letter dated 17 September 1902, written to Swami Ramakrishnananda, wherein she consoled him saying, ‘Please do not worry for Swamiji anymore.’

The sun’s rays fall equally on the peasant’s cottage and on the prince’s palace. But a black surface absorbs more heat than any other surface, while a smooth-surfaced mirror reflects the light more brilliantly than any other surface. Likewise, though the Mother’s love and power fell equally on all, sinners and saints alike, Swami Vivekananda absorbed most and radiated best the Holy Mother’s love and power. She was indeed his only mother on earth and through eternity.

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA AND HIS ‘ONLY MOTHER’ – Swami Prabhananda. Prabuddha Bharata (January 1984, p. 19-20)


The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Sri Thakur’s Teaching from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Today’s Page: 385

Several devotees arrived from Shibpur. Since they had come from a great distance the Master could not disappoint them. He told them some of the essentials of spiritual life.

MASTER: “God alone is real, and all else illusory. The garden and its owner. God and His splendour. But people look at the garden only. How few seek out the owner!”

A DEVOTEE: “Sir, what is the way?”

MASTER: “Discrimination between the Real and the unreal. One should always discriminate to the effect that God alone is real and the world unreal. And one should pray with sincere longing.”

DEVOTEE: “But, sir, where is our leisure for these things?”

MASTER: “Those who have the time must meditate and worship. But those who cannot possibly do so must bow down whole-heartedly to God twice a day. He abides in the hearts of all; He knows that worldly people have many things to do. What else is possible for them? You don’t have time to pray to God; therefore give Him the power of attorney. But all is in vain unless you attain God and see Him.”

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: “Sir, to see you is the same as to see God.”

MASTER: “Don’t ever say that again. The waves belong to the Ganga, not the Ganga to the waves. A man cannot realize God unless he gets rid of all such egotistic ideas as ‘I am such an important man’ or ‘I am so and so’. Level the mound of ‘I’ to the ground by dissolving it with tears of devotion.”

DEVOTEE: “Why has God put us in the world?”

MASTER: “To perpetuate His creation. It is His will, His maya. He has deluded man with ‘woman and gold’.”

DEVOTEE: “Why has He deluded us? Why has He so willed?”

MASTER: “If but once He should give man a taste of divine joy, then man would not care to lead a worldly life. The creation would come to an end.

“The grain-dealer stores rice in huge bags in his warehouse. Near them he puts some puffed rice in a tray. This is to keep the rats away. The puffed rice tastes sweet to the rats and they nibble at it all night; they do not seek the rice itself. But just think! One seer of rice yields fourteen seers of puffed rice. How infinitely superior is the joy of God to the pleasure of ‘woman and gold’! To one who thinks of the beauty of God, the beauty of even Rambha and Tilottama*1 (1 Two celestial dancing-girls of exquisite beauty) *appears as but the ashes of a funeral pyre.”