ऋतमण्डल् or rutmandal literally means “Collection of Eternal and Universal Truths”!

Using this website as a medium to reflect upon gems woven into ancient texts Vedas and Upanishads, I thrive to enhance my life. As I venture thru these texts, I want to share my joy with you all!

If you have your own joy to share, please send me in letters at cpatel@veejansh.com.

About me:
My name is Chirag Patel.

I work as Principal Software Engineer/Architect. I have professional experience in various technologies such as audio processing, telecommunication, Storage Area Network, High Performance Computing, high-speed measurements, Internet of Things, telematics, Content Delivery Netowrk.

I like reading vedic philosophy, vendanta, quantum physics, Gujarati novels and stories. I enjoy Bharatiya (Indian) classic music and 90’s Bollywood music. I practice Dhyana Yoga/Kundalini Yoga.