ॐ तत् सत्

મારો જન્મ વડોદરામાં થયો. મૂળ વતન ચરોતરનું હેરંજ નામનું ગામ. જન્મ પછી અનેક ઠેકાણે નિવાસ થયો – ગોધરા, વાંસદા, વડોદરા, લૅન્સડેલ, હાર્લિસવિલ, સડરટન, ક્લિવલેન્ડ; અને હાલ ડેલસ, ટેક્સાસ ખાતે સ્થાયી થયો છું.

અભ્યાસ કર્યો ઇલેક્ટ્રોનિક્સ એન્જીનીયરીંગમાં સ્નાતક મહારાજા સયાજીરાવ યુનિવર્સીટીમાંથી અને સૉફ્ટવેર એન્જીનીયરીંગમાં અનુસ્નાતક પેન સ્ટેટ યુનિવર્સીટીમાંથી. વ્યવસાય સુપર કમ્પ્યુટર, ઑડિઓ પ્રોસેસિંગ, ફાઈબર ચૅનલ, ઈન્ફિનિબેન્ડ, ઈથરનેટ, વગેરેમાં સૉફ્ટવેરનો. અંજલિમ, બ્રૉકેડ, ક્યૂલૉજિક, ટેક્ટ્રૉનિક્સમાં કામ કર્યા પછી; હાલ ઓમ્નિટ્રેક્સમાં પ્રિન્સીપલ એન્જીનીયર તરીકે છું.

રાજયોગનો નિયમિત અભ્યાસ, ભારતીય દર્શન, વેદ, ઉપનિષદ, ક્વૉન્ટમ ભૌતિકવિજ્ઞાન, લેખન મારા દૈનિક કાર્ય. સ્વામી વિવેકાનંદ, રમણ મહર્ષિ, આનંદી મા, રામકૃષ્ણ પરમહંસ, સદગુરુ જગ્ગી વાસુદેવને ગુરુપદે માનું છું.


Welcome to RutMandal. “rut” means universal laws in ancient language Sanskrut. “mandal” means collection. This name “rutmandal” is chosen to represent universality found in creations of this website.

Explore this world and contribute with your valuable comments.

Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Chirag Patel

I am Chirag Patel. I was born in Vadodara, and lived at many places in India and in USA at different times. My parents – Bansibhai – a forest officer and Rohiniben, nurtured me with all love and care and material things that they possibly could give. I have lovely siblings – Payal and Kunal. My native place is a village named Heranj in western state of India. I spent my formative years living in a place surrounded by forest, hills and river.

I married very lovely lady named Parul. She supported me well in all different situations with care. She gifted me with a loving son named Vrund and our heart our daughter Svara!

I am fortunate to have wonderful and supportive relatives/friends – Digant, Vikasbhai, Hinabhabhi, Prafulbhai, Madhuben to name a few.

I did Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from M S University, Vadodara. I attended Penn State for Master of Software Engineering, but felt disheartened continuing it.

I work as Principal Engineering at Omnitracs in Dallas. I worked on various cutting edge technologies such as Infiniband, High Performance Computing or HPC (SuperComputer), 10G Ethernet, Fibre Channel, High speed measurement, Voice processing, DSP. I am fortunate to learn from my very able supervisors in all the companies I worked for – Anjaleem, McData, Brocade, QLogic, Tektronix, Omnitracs.

I like writing in various literary forms – poems, travel logs, quantum physics, philosophy, short stories, satire etc. I like reading a lot. I mostly write in Gujarati my mother tongue and in English.

Couple of noticeable books that have influenced me: Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, The Dancing WuLi Masters, A Brief History of Time, The Tao of Physics, RajaYoga, Yoga Vaashistha, Atmakatha – Gandhiji, ChandiPaath, upanishads. The list goes on and on. I very much like spiritual music and Indian classical music.

I practice Raja Yoga every day. Atma-Dhyana (meditation) is also a part of my daily worship to MAA – mother goddes.

You can contact me: chipmap@gmail.com

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Harish Dave says:

    So now you are settled in Dallas, Chirag! How happy to learn of your progress.

    I still remember your spiritual bent and our association of the past.

    Love to your family, and all the best wishes to you! .. Harish Dave

  2. admin says:

    Thank you very much Harishbhai for your wishes. Tho’ I am not able to keep up with you regularly, you are always in my memories.

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