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Message for 2017

New year 2017 is on horizon. Everyone will enjoy firing crackers on 31st December eve around the globe. But, there is not a single message from an environmentalist yet! Otherwise, they are on full fire 15 days ahead of Diwali! Santa Clause is a mythical character. But, people trust that story. Whereas shraaddh or kaag Read More

Custom syntax with vim

Custom syntax with vim – Chirag Patel August 10, 2015 On Linux, install vim if you do not have. On Windows, install gVim (I tried 7.4). Create vjn.vim file similar to following example. ——————————- ” Vim syntax file ” Language: config file ” Maintainer: Chirag Patel if exists(“b:current_syntax”) finish endif :syn keyword error ERROR :syn Read More

Most innovative company CEOs 2014

Based on the list from 2014 for 100 companies, I checked CEO educational background. I could not find accurate information for some. This list is 99% accurate tho. Here’s the spreadsheet: 150314_ceo_inno The interesting facts from this analysis: 32 – undergraduate work in Engineering or Science 40 – undergraduate work in business, finance, accounting or Read More

Double precision rounding

Uses my_double_greater_check from double my_double_round( double val, int multiplier ) {          double val_adj = val * multiplier;          if ( my_double_greater_check( val_adj – floor( val_adj ), 0.0 ) > 0 )                       val = round( val_adj ) / Read More

Being Indian – Chirag Patel December 10, 2014

Being Indian – Chirag Patel December 10, 2014 Last week, during lunch at my office cafeteria, I was discussing Indian and Chinese cultures with some colleagues of Chinese origin. It was formal discussion from food to clothes to languages. All of a sudden, one colleague asked me, “What is it being Indian?” and wore curiosity Read More

Ask these to company

1. What’s the biggest change your group has gone through in the last year? Does your group feel like the tough times are over and things are getting better, or are things still pretty tough? What’s the plan to handle to either scenario? 2. If I get the job, how do I earn a “gold Read More

Open – Chirag Patel July 15, 2014

Open – Chirag Patel July 15, 2014 Hugged by womb of darkness, With gentle flow of words in melody, Dumb-found directions witnessing, Iota of existence started journey towards non-duality! Swollen red lips playing tag, Tip of tits bloomed with beats, Thirst of impatient body Exploded like waves of bees enjoying nectar! In the midst of Read More

Double precision comparison in C/C++

Checking double precision value for limits is tricky. Say, double x = 1.0; if ( x == 1.0 ) do_something();   This comparison can fail as double precision value when converted to hexadecimal (what computer can do only) representation, looses some least significant bits or positions beyond double precision digits. So, in above example if Read More

Indians in last 100 years

List of notable scientist/mathematicians in last 100 years from India who studied in India till master’s degree and worked mostly in India to achieve their feat: 1) Mahindra Agrawal – PhD from Kanpur – AKS primality test in mathematics – worked in India only 2) Sam pitroda – masters from Vadodara – inventor of digital Read More